September 17, 2012

Lebanese Food: Interesting Articles from Around the World

Top 10 Lebanese street food:

The food stalls spread along the Lebanese streets sell everything from corn and falafel to hot peanuts and stuffed pitas. Be it a light snack or a heavy, filling meal, the street food delights offer them all. No wonder the people of Lebanon adore and savor these food items with utmost delight. Take a tour of the top 10 Lebanese street food fares here.

Top 10 Ramadan desserts The holy month of Ramadan is also a time to share good food with family and friends. The day long fast which is broken in the evening, is a special treat as a delectable range of desserts and savories are eaten with loved ones. These are high in calories to provide enough energy to the body for the many hours of fasting.

Top 10 iftar dishes Ramadan commences with a month long of self purification rituals which includes the cleansing of the soul, the digestive system and the palate as well. In short, the devout Muslims throughout the world fast from dawn to dusk and eat before the sunrise or after the sunset.  The ‘Iftar’ or breaking of fast at dusk is considered to be very important with several delicacies being prepared specially for the occasion. The traditional meals vary from region to region with the delicious dates of Arabia being highly coveted as the Prophet himself had chosen to break his daylong fast with a date and water before partaking other dishes.

Food in every country: Lebanon A unique cultural history has helped to make Lebanese food the most popular of all Middle Eastern cuisines. For most of its past, Lebanon has been ruled by foreign powers that have influenced the types of food the Lebanese ate. From 1516 to 1918, the Ottoman Turks controlled Lebanon and introduced a variety of foods that have become staples in the Lebanese diet, including olive oil, fresh bread, baklava (a sweet pastry dessert), laban (homemade yogurt), stuffed vegetables, and a variety of nuts. The Ottomans also increased the popularity of lamb.

Lebanese Recipes A mix of updated Lebanese recipes famous all around the world.

Food Safari, Australia Sahteyn' is a word you will often hear in a Lebanese home - loosely translated it means 'twice your health' - a form of welcome to join a family and share delicious food. And this is some of the most exquisite food in the world.

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