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Lebanon and GOU are no Longer Compatible: The Closing

Goŭ is a kaleidoscope of flavors sourced from around the world, creatively combined to ensure that each bite will take you on a unique journey of taste discovery. Goŭ travels the world to bring you innovative specialty food products. Collections to conjure gourmet discoveries, culinary excursions, and sensory revelations. Tempting menus and pâtisserie creations to surprise and delight you. Go? is an enchanting voyage to the source of inspiration. It is an escape to the heart of indulgence, an invitation to taste discovery.

Brand Offering :

Each of its fine food creations is inspired by the flavors of a world city,  and carries its name. Goŭ’s food and beverage menus vary with the flow of seasons and occasions. All Goŭ menu creations use quality and innovative gourmet ingredients sourced from around the world, all of which are exclusively displayed for sale at the Outlet’s Retail Boutique.


Dear GOU Friends, When we launched GOU in 2006, our pride in having created our brand in Lebanon never beckoned the thought of separating one from the other, even during the hardest of times. But we’ve all heard of the seven-year itch! Today, it has become evident to us that Lebanon and our GOU brand are no longer compatible, and sadly, the time has come for both to separate. We have therefore opted to close our doors on June 22nd and to give GOU a new life outside the embrace of Lebanon, and allow it to prosper abroad, in the arms of a more thriving marketplace and promising economy. We are deeply grateful to each and every one of you who had graced our tables, to all we had catered our food to, to those who had the chance to cook in our kitchen, or had come to appreciate our world savory and pastry creations. You have all made GOU the valuable brand that it has become today, and we hope its "World Food Discovery" journey provided you with the enriching and memorable experience it held for mission.

In our desire to personally thank you and show our gratitude for your wonderful loyalty and patronage over the past years, we would like to invite you on Wednesday 26, from 6h00 to 9h00 pm, to join our "Farewell Party" and raise together a final toast to celebrate the end of a beautiful story, and the beginning of a new tale for GOU. To all our customers, friends, fine foods lovers, fans and supporters, you have become a part of our GOU family, and we sincerely await the opportunity that will have us reunite once again in Lebanon, not before long. Patricia and the whole GOU Team.


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