September 29, 2015

Lebanon Celebrates Lebanese Wine at Expo Milano 2015

The Lebanese Pavilion hasn’t stopped showcasing Lebanon’s creative and talented image to the world at Expo Milano 2015. In presence of Lebanese poet, Mr. Talal Haydar, and Tenor Eliya Francis, and accompanied by contemporary artist Jamal Kadamani’s live performance of upscale paintings, the Lebanese Pavilion celebrated the Lebanese Wine Day on September 24, 2015.


The three talents stunned both Lebanese and foreign guests which included the General Manager at the MoET, Mrs. Alia Abbas, Consul of Lebanon in Milan, Mr. Walid Haidar, President of the Union of Wine Makers and Chairman and CEO of Chateau Ksara, Mr. Zafer Chaoui, as well as a large crowd of Lebanese dignitaries and foreign delegations.

Organized by ICE International Events, the leading Lebanon-based Events Company, and under the supervision of the MoET, the night witnessed an hour and a half of true Lebanese artistry, blending Talal Haydar’s expressive poems, Tenor Eliya Francis’ vocal strength and Jamal Kadamani’s graceful artwork.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Zafer Chaoui praised the importance of Lebanese wine, saying, “Despite the challenges Lebanon is currently facing, the winemaking industry has witnessed tremendous growth over the last 20 years. The number of Lebanese wine manufacturers has increased from eight only towards the end of the civil war, to 40 today.”


Chaoui added, “The Lebanese wine has enabled to mark itself as an ambassador to Lebanon, as it has spread in more than 30 counties abroad and received an important recognition from global specialists. During the last five years, Lebanese wine has reaped large profits in Great Britain, France and the United States,” concluding, “Our presence today in Milan is to market the Lebanese wine, a message of civilization and hospitality aged 3,000 years, and a cultural and economic ambassador from our small country to the world. We are notably small, and produce 9 million bottles of wine, which is considered very little in accordance with the standards of the world. It is therefore necessary for the Lebanese wine to be unique and different, as every bottle we make is a message that carries the Lebanese warmth and generosity.”

The Ministry of Economy and Trade has once again succeeded, through the activities the Lebanese Pavilion has organized at Expo Milano, in the deployment of the Lebanese culture and the strength of the Lebanese economy abroad. The Lebanese Wine Day is proof of the keenness of the ministry, represented by Dr. Alain Hakim, on promoting Lebanese products and supporting the Lebanese economy in all its sectors.

The Lebanese Wine Day ended with an artistic evening at Expo Milano, whereby attendees and participants were given the chance to taste fine wines produced in Lebanon. The Lebanese Pavilion will continue its activities celebrating the National Day of Lebanon on September 26, 2015, which will be greeted by Caracalla’s dance performance, titled “One Thousand and One nights.”





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