August 02, 2016 Baalbeck Bekaa Lebanon Middle East

Lebanon Foodie's Trail: Baalbeck!

Driven by our love of Lebanon and her hidden corners, and inspired by NGNO, The Foodie’s Trail is a range of special tours around the country. Unlike anything on the market these tours allow foodies to discover Lebanon through the eyes of NGNO.

Baalbeck is where we’re taking you next. Discover great food, hidden culinary geniuses, innovative dishes and local traditional plates. The result of years of experience, NGNO’s tours handcrafted by a team of experienced guides will take you to the very best Lebanon has to offer.

Discovering places and experiences that are totally off the radar, NGNO tours are the perfect opportunity to uncover Lebanon’s hidden treasures in the company of knowledgeable, local guides.  Famed for one of the best, Sfi7a, Nammoura and surely the world famous Citadel, Baalbeck is as authentic as it gets. Discover great street food and hidden restaurants in the winding streets of this ancient city. 


  • Saturday and Sunday during the summer of 2016.
  • Start: Bus leaves Antelias next to Burj el Hamam restaurant at 07:30am sharp.
  • Return: Around 05:30pm to Antelias.
  • Fees are LBP 50,000 all inclusive.
  • A discovery of more than 15 stops of which 9 food-related await.

Call (+961.76.652111) for more info or email us on ([email protected])

On the program:

  • Ras el Ein Public Garden (T)
  • Mountain House Cafe and Restaurant (F)
  • Tannour el Dayaa (F)
  • Asir Abou Jawad, Fresh Juices (F)
  • Al Afandi, Hummus Maa Lahme (F)
  • Raw Kafta at Abou Mehdi the butcher (F)
  • Sfiha in the old souk (F)
  • Al Ajami, traditional and authentic homey food (F)
  • The Old Souk (T)
  • The Temple of Baalbeck (T)
  • Hotel Palmira (T)
  • The old Mosk (T)
  • The old Church of Baalbeck (T)
  • Al Habli Stone (T)
  • Al Jawhari Sweets (F)
  • Al Lakiss Dairy and Sfiha (F)





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