June 12, 2012

Lebanon's Olive Oils Under the Microscope


Olive oil, its brand, its taste really makes a difference in the outcome of a dish. We, as Lebanese use a lot of olive oils in our food - from salads, fattoushe, tabbouleh, mezze's and so on... I have often voiced the type of olive oil that I like... I learned that a well renowned Beirut-based designer Karen Chekerdjian has an extraordinary passion for olive oils, especially Lebanese ones.

The designer was on a mission to to find the best Lebanese olive oils which she believes are rich in taste and flavor. For months she started sourcing and selecting extra-virgin olive oils from five Lebanese family-run domains – Fattal, Metni, Antar, Zahad, Kohor – across four contrasting Lebanese regions. She then narrowed her choice down to six olive oils based on their inherent quality, level of acidity, unique blend, organic approach or the traditional stone-disk pressing method used to extract them.

Karen then picked a dark-tinted glass bottle from Italy – designed to preserve oils from direct sunlight - and designed a graphic identity that would best translate the quality of the golden nectar. The six olive oils are on sale in her concept store.

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