July 12, 2012

Lebanon's Restaurants Hubs 101: Mar Mikhael

Mar Mikhahel today is booming. Now known as a hub for artists and creative minds, the area also boasts a number of nice restaurants, most of which I love.


Al Mandaloun  – a nightclub on busy Mar Mikhael welcomes its guests 10pm for a late night dinner with some lounge music followed by what a lot refer to as one of the greatest parties in Lebanon. In my opinion, Al Mandaloun, offers their loyal customers with an unforgettable live entertainment show from 11pm until 4am. But before the party starts. Enjoy their choices of food.

Al Mandaloun, Mar Mikhael, +961 565333, 444


TAWLET. Souk EL Tayeb:

I am simply in love with this place. One of Lebanon’s charms is its delicious food. Yum, who doesn’t love the traditional taboule, kebbeh, freiki, man’oushe, zenkol, samke harra, kebbeh bassalyieh, maftouleh, reshta… Ok so you’re probably wondering what some of these dishes are… so did I. I got my answer when I walked into this secluded restaurant in alternative up coming Mar Mikhahel street in Ashrafieh. A wonderful discovery called Tawlet.

Tawlet, Mar Mikhahel, +961-1448129




An authentic Spanish experience, at El Tapeo you can watch the Spanish chef prepare your dinner. Spanish wine is available to accompany your Spanish mezzes that you can share with others...

El Tapeo, Mar Mikhael, +961-1-567570  



Chez Sophie, what can say about this special place in Mar Mikhael, Lebanon.  In a stand-alone home like location, I believe that Chez Sophie is one of the best places in Lebanon? The best thing I like about this place is that it’s small, cozy for the connoisseurs and the amateurs of Sophie’s cuisine.? The Sommelier and head waiter, Sophie’s husband is someone who toured the world and had the chance to work with the biggest names in the restaurant and food industry. He knows a lot and has a consistent experience. You’ll enjoy a conversation with him, sharing moments.

Chez Sophie, Mar Mikhael, +961-1-566 146



Just above my favorite Chez Sophie is Lei. A perfect place for a light bite from mini burgers, salmon tartare...followed by cocktails prepared at their full fledged bar. The old house offers a high ceiling, natural stone interior, modern pipe works showing, restaurant section, bar section with high tables and stools.

Lei, Mar Mikhael,  +961-1-444090, +961-7-089312


ENAB. Lebanese Restaurant:

Enab, which means grapes in Arabic, a Lebanese restaurant in famous Mar Mikhael strip. A huge place divided into three sections distinctive sections – the outdoor terrace, the main dining area and then a series of different rooms – which is distinguishably decorated differently.The feel of the old Lebanese house is beautifully overpowering as you walk between the rooms. The decoration is very is original and filled with small details which makes you wonder where they came from, what they mean and so on.

Enab, Mar Mikhael, +961-1- 444441


FEYY. Fresh Fast Lebanese:

FEYY offers fast Lebanese food in a new concept. My review will be coming soon. In a nutshell, FEYY is a perfect spot for fast, good and healthy Lebanese food an innovative way.

Feyy, Pasteur Street, +961-1-444419



V Comme Vin is a wine connoisseur’s heaven. Its intimate cellar currently attracts a certain elite crowd who come for early evening drinks and some of its tantalizing cheese and charcuterie boards. enjoy the grandiose atmosphere with red velvet big chairs. 

V Comme Vin, Mar Mikhael, +961 1 448 991



L'oca Matta is a trendy, colorful Italian restaurant where a 100-year-old huge olive tree welcomes you as you walk down the steps into an old traditional Lebanese house turned into a modern destination with a lot of character. ??This Italian spot has been named and decorated after a few friends who have spent their lifetime together in Italy, more specifically the Lombardy region, hence the map as we walk in. They created a permanent club where the members met. The goose across the walls of the restaurant is the club’s mascot. Each goose wears a different outfit expressing each of their symbols and professions.

L'oca Matta, Mar Mikhael, +961-1-442444



Charming old time actor Chaplin has a spot in Mar Mikahel. This bar and eatery boasts an authentically old inspired interior with items like ancient typewriters, gramophones ... the nice thing about this place is that you can take a shot of yourself in a fake mustaches then enjoy a cocktail with some jazz music in the background.

Chaplin, Mar Mikhael, +961-3-286977



Salmontini is one of my favorite spots in town. Daily freshly imported seasonal fish is served with a special twist. Their specialty is obviously salmom. It also serves meat.

Salmontini, Achrafieh, +961-3-151616


FROSTY PALACE. Diner, Cake and Ice Cream shop :

Tucked inside Mar Mikhael, facing popular book store Paper Cup, a unique Diner, Cake and Ice Cream Shop welcomes you. The small eatery, seats only 18 people, offers American food. From yummy burgers, to pancakes and eggs, red fruit crumble or the banana muffins, Frosty Palace is great to try during brunch, lunch quick dessert.

Frosty Palace, Mar Mikhael, +961-1-449595



A nice Italian restaurant serving authentic home cooked Italian dishes. The places servies Italian wines to complement your meal.

L'Osteria, Mar Mikhal, +961-1-566175


BAB SURSOCK Original Lebanese Diner:

Looking for that special place to go? Bab Idriss seems to be the place, serving authentic Lebanese cuisines with international dishes all in one place. There's a live cooking show among other specialties. The place seems popular for Sunday brunches with your family.

Bab Sursock, Aakawi Street, +961-1-566889


FIORE, Cucina Mediterranean: 

Fiore is a nice place set in an old Lebanese house. The dainty floral wall prints make you feel like you're in a cozy European restaurant just off any small street. During the week, Fiore is open only for dinner, serving Mediterranean cuisine.

Fiore, Mar Mickael, +961-1-444332


KABAB 1961:

Kebab 1961 is a family owned restaurant that has been serving traditional Lebanese food especially excellent Kebabs since 1961. Passed on for five generations, Kabab 1961 is a casual fast food casual dining spot with an extensive menu that includes marinated and grilled to perfection kebab sandwiches and platters, fresh salads and more. They ensure top quality meat.
Kebab 1961, Mar Mickael, +961-1-567010

Mezzo di Pasta is a high quality fresh pasta fast food concept, to take away or eat in-store. My review will be coming soon. In a nutshell, Mezzo di Pasta is all about changing the misconception people have about fast food. You an still enjoy a good and rushed meal in a healthy an innovative way. Mezzo Di Pasta offers a range of wholesome fresh pasta dishes, with lots of flavors served with a smile.

Mezzo Di Pasta, Pasteur Street, +961-1-444415
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