March 04, 2013

LEBANON Part of the Lonely Planet's Top 10 Food Destinations of 2013

At Lonely Planet, debates are constantly raging over our favourite countries for food, our best-value travel finds and our number one destinations overall. These debates culminate in our annual Best in Travel selections, but we wanted to throw that question to a wider crowd by asking our fans on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and Thorn Tree where they have travelled and which places they enjoyed the most.


Then we asked them to rate those destinations by 16 criteria. More than 3000 people responded, and the results are finally in.

If food is your main reason to travel, then head to Italy, Thailand, India, Japan, and the rest of our foodie favourites below. You may need to break up this list with a few from the Adventures list to keep your waistline under control. Chiefly famous for its steak, Argentina was the only country to make the top 10 outside of Asia or Europe.

Fruit Salad

1. Italy 2. Thailand 3. India 4. Japan 5. Argentina 6. Vietnam 7. France 8. Lebanon 9. Taiwan 10. Spain


Read more on Lonely Planet L'Orient Le Jour article in French

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