February 01, 2015

Lounge and Restaurant Iris Yas Island gets an Updated Look

Located in the heart of Yas Island, upscale lounge and restaurant Iris Yas Island gets an updated look. Lebanese designer Suzy Nasr is the visionary behind all of Iris’ interiors.  As the creator of the original concept located in Downtown Beirut, Lebanon, Suzy added her distinct taste and attention to color and form to the revamped Iris Yas Island.


The idea behind the initial Iris concept in Beirut was to create a tropical yet modern getaway, creating an environment that exudes a sense of harmony and balance, simultaneously being trendy yet cozy, comfortable with an edge. Suzy was able to achieve the same feel in both Iris Dubai and now Iris Yas Island.

By utilizing the lounge’s airy space, and maintaining Iris’ traditional design, Suzy uses a combination of vibrant hues, tranquil earth tones and the occasional burst of unexpected color to give the place the uplifted look.

Iris_Interior2 Its location in the UAE has had a major influence on the type of materials used in order to make the furniture and items durable and withstand the region’s weather conditions. Special material like thermo wood is one of the main materials used for the furniture by the bar area. The indoor and outdoor areas have also been integrated to maximize and utilize the location’s air conditioning system, and when the sun gets too intense, the steel partitions outlining the top of the lounge create the perfect shaded area.


From the sturdy bar structure, to the flooring and foothold of the space, sustainable glass and wood have been used to create this masterpiece. The furniture has a great combination of wood and fabric making the pieces very durable, while the light fittings in the location are custom-made with black steel, to give it that rough texture.


Every sleek bar needs the perfect lighting, and that is why Iris’ icon are the light fixtures with bright bulbs installed at the top of the bar, to help create the overall mood of the place. Inviting and comfortable furniture are vital for a space such as Iris, where any Iris-goer can literally relax on a chill patio overlooking the marina.

Overall, the designs are all about mixing and contrasting elements, while mixing old pieces with the new ones, to give Iris Yas Island the character and depth it currently has.

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