April 13, 2019 Malta Europe

Malta Airport and VIP Lounge
Non-smokers friendly

A tiny little airport with a couple of shopping choices to choose from and two restaurants: the Hard Rock Cafe and Relish restaurant. Small but clean, you don’t need more when traveling out of the small island of Malta. The Hard Rock Cafe is here to serve you lunch, Relish proposed a wide choice of sandwiches and pastries, COSTA guarantees a fine brew alongside the duty-free shopping.


On the first floor, an award-winning lounge welcomes you; La Baletta has won The Priority Pass awards, Lounge of the Year 2017. Classy, upscale, calm and relaxing. Beautifully designed, the lounge is indeed a pleasant experience to try. Professional welcoming, food choice of food and drinks, a balcony and terrace, Apple computers, leather sofas, and clean toilets.


Check out the video and photos so you know what to expect on your next trip to Malta.


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