May 25, 2014

McDonald's Asks Customers to Make Their Dream Burgers

McDonald's is inviting British customers to create five brand new burgers, which the fast food giant will put on sale at its U.K. restaurants this fall...


Razorfish has developed an online "burger builder," which can be used to formulate a customized burger by selecting a maximum of six ingredients from a choice of 80, creating more than a million possible combinations. The agency has also engineered a YouTube masthead takeover and created pre-roll and display spots in a digital-only push to promote the competition. All burgers start with a McDonald's beef patty, but there are 20 different buns to choose from. The added ingredients list includes pineapple chunks, chorizo and guacamole, as well as more traditional offerings like bacon, cheese and onion. Razorfish worked closely with McDonald's to be sure that all the combinations offered could be delivered at scale to the British public.

The competition started a few days ago and will run until June 15, with the winners named on June 29. McDonald's is also asking entrants to come up with a good name for their burger creations. Offerings so far include "Sweet n Sour Ballbuster," "The Parisienne," "Two Brie or Not Two Brie" and "The Burger Lad." Razorfish's website works across all devices and carries a ticker which is constantly updated with statistics about the competition. Currently 8% of burgers contain pickles and 2% contain pineapple. Within hours of the site going live, 9,000 entries had been posted.

What ingredients will your burger include?  

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