October 01, 2015 Batroun North Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Missi Bakery Batroun
Morning Delights

I was introduced to Missi Bakery last winter when in Batroun during an episode of Meshwar. I met a man and his wife preparing some interesting specialties like the "Oros Bayd" and "Mwarra2et Sekkar".

Missi, which was occupying a small shop in Batroun's old souk, has moved to the active strip facing the new Crepaway. You'll find new decor, a trendy feel and some white and light green color to decorate the space.

Back then, the couple was preparing coffee for the neighborhood, a must for a start of day. Inside, working in a synchronized way, the man works the dough and manakish while the woman hands him the ingredients.

We were served "2ors Bayd", this round dough which he pre-bakes before taking out and filling with scrambled eggs. The eggs bake on the dough like an omelette, creating an egg sandwich that leaves a memorable flavor in the mouth. "Mwarra2et Sekkar" followed. A large, thin dough is topped with oil and sprinkled with sugar then rolled together before entering the oven. Rolls of dough, crispy like a biscuit, filled with caramelized sugar; it's indeed delicious!


The new shop is now open, welcoming you from the early hours of the morning. On the menu is a wide selection of breakfast choices served all day. Manakish, foul and hummus, oven baked preparations, wraps, Saj, fokhaa, kharma and much more.

You are welcomed by the son's owner, a smile on his face and ready to satisfy you. A square space with large facades over the road, a kind of cabin with a facing counter.

The foul is fine, for a bakery. I've surely had better but it's acceptable. Tender and well cooked, mixed with lemon and olive oil.

The halloumi and bacon is prepared differently than the one at Zaatar w Zeit if one wants to compare. Generously filled with strips of bacon and shredded Halloumi, the sandwich is stuffed with tomatoes and lettuce. Strips of bacon, tender and juicy with an unsalted Halloumi and fresh crunchy vegetables. Enjoyable if you don't compare. I'd personally make the bacon more crispy.

Missi Bakery Batroun is now open. Come meet the happy family and enjoy some local specialties.

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