November 20, 2012

Must Discover: Godiva Chocolatier, Japan
Sweet Tooth

Who doesn't know Godiva to die for chocolate...Stepping into one of their stores is heaven... This is Godiva’s new concept flagship store. Godiva’s idea was “treat thyself”. Wonderwall’s intention was to add a breath of fresh air to the more traditional image Godiva instill. The shop features humorous design details such as the “melting chocolate” ceiling combined with the primarily classical interior design. The boutique’s popular and fashionable location of Harajuku has also been considered in the overall design. Passers-by can view both its entrance as well as the customers enjoying their time with chocolate on the second floor cafe.

According to Yatzer, on order to break the generally rather conservatively designed Godiva shops, Wonderwall, the famous Japanese basedinterior design firm, decided to introduce a new fresh and playful design. The delicious new concept shop is simulating melting chocolate that is dripping from the ceilings and running down the walls, creating a cartoon-like sense to the interior. With that idea in mind, the shop features humorous and fun designs with literally melting chocolate where the shop’s visitors would wish for it to be real chocolate and eat it off the walls and ceilings.

Even though the shop keeps a primarily classical interior, the biggest attraction is without a doubt the second-floor ceiling, which looks as if it's dripping with chocolate. The entire Godiva shop, that aims to become the new chocoholic Mecca, is open to the street, so passers-by can easily stare at the hip interior design and the customers enjoying their time.


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