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My Favorite Falafel (No Garlic, No Onions) Can Be Found in Kousba: Robert Sadat
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A unique handmade bread from the village, no garlic and no onions, falafel at Robert Sadat are "light", not complicated, and straightforward yet fulfilling. Yes, no garlic and no onions; have a sandwich and return to work without feeling heavy and loaded. I love it here and already been half a dozen times all the way from Beirut to enjoy this unique sandwich. I love the thickness of the village bread, the richness of the falafel without additional oil, the freshness of the vegetables and most importantly how Robert himself rolls these sandwiches with love. You have to try it for yourself to believe me.

In the heart of Kousba, on the road up north to Ehden and Becharre you can’t miss a red building where Robert Al Sadat has opened his Lebanese restaurant. Known to serve traditional creations prepared with love, Robert creates my personal favorite falafel prepared without garlic and wrapped in traditional thick flatbread.

"The" falafel, in my opinion the best in Lebanon. "Robert Al Sadat" wraps them in a special brioche flatbread, garlic-free and bean-free, crispy crunch falafel. They feel light, enjoyed in a sandwich loaded with fresh vegetables.


More videos at Robert Sadat. 
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