September 29, 2012

My Latest Discovery: Duke of Delhi Chocolate Chunk Mix

At the Food Blogger Conference I had the oportunity to meet many new friends and get introduced to many interesting products one of which is the Duke of Delhi mix. A taste that marked me so much that I decided to write about. At Duke of Delhi they use only authentic Indian ingredients and flavours, infused with a ZING of British spirit. Their biscuits and snacks are inspired by street food sold in the bustling heart of Delhi, crowded with rickshaw pullers and hurried shoppers.

The chocolate chunk mix:

This Delhi mix is inspired by the Indian street snack “Chevdo”, sold in special places such as New Delhi train station, where the incoming Rajdhani express train sees hundreds of commuters run off to buy this tasty snack before their train leaves without them. Authentic Indian ingredients & flavors, infused with a zing of the British spirit are used to produce this unique product.

Two more flavors they provide are Orange and nut and Extra nutty mix. A great and unique combination where a sweet taste provided by the chocolate blocks, another salty one is provided by the chips, green dried leaves are added here and there, a unique spicy flavor and a crunch of nuts... Wow! Start eating and be sure you'll never stop.

The Ingredients: potato, gram dal, moong, rice flakes, raisins, cashew nuts, peanuts, oil, salt, sugar, Indian spices and chocolate chunks.  

I wish we have these in Lebanon.

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