August 23, 2012

My Latest Discovery: Ganache Magicien
Sweet Tooth

Ganache Magicien is an art and design focused chocolate based in Ashrafiyeh specialize in chocolate one-off sculptured fantasies, bespoke wedding cakes using only the finest chocolate and ingredients, chocolate gifts (small and thoughtful, as well as extravagant gestures), birthday cakes with a choice of flavors decorated in chocolate, slabs of chocolate, chocolate fantasy pets, really naughty stuff...

In addition to their chocolates, they have a superb front of house team with customer service skills second to none. They are trained to have an extensive knowledge of the chocolate they sell and are happy to spend time with each customer to ensure the customer has made an informed decision of their purchases.

Ganache Magicien undergoes a huge amount of intensive training, and is actively encouraged to use their own initiatives to design and invent wonderful, delicious chocolate creations. Their chefs bake amazing chocolate cakes, made to a top secret recipe, handed down through three generations. I've tasted their chocolate cigars offered in a wooden box and I liked it: Black cigar like sticks with a biscuit in the middle wrapped with nougat and covered with dark chocolate. The biscuit is a bit too hard but the overall taste is good.

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