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News: Lebanon's Zaatar w Zeit Goes to Canada (Updated)

(updated) Two years passed and the branch still didn't open. Rumors say the opening is not happening anytime soon.

Eighteen years ago, it all started with two ingredients essential to any Lebanese: zaatar w zeit. With these ingredients came a dream that grew into a leading eatery, revolutionizing the classic Lebanese wrap, urbanizing it, and turning it into an innovative culinary creation. Now, with more than 60 branches in the Levant and Gulf region, it is time for the popular chain to expand beyond the Middle East and open it’s first doors in Vancouver, Canada.

Zaatar w Zeit Canada

Zaatar w Zeit became a pioneer when it found a way to turn traditional Lebanese recipes into modernized wraps and dishes that are based on healthy Mediterranean ingredients. Their vision resonated with the public from the start, turning the brand into an indispensible love-mark for every foodie who set foot in any of their branches, be it nationals, expats, or foreigners. To top it all off, it was the fact that all wraps and manakeesh are freshly baked during the 24-hour dine-in and delivery services of the outlets in Lebanon, the Levant, and the GCC, that gave ZWZ the great advantage over other competitors. Items like the ‘Mighty Kafta’, ‘Spizy Chicken’, and ‘Famous Chicken’ are examples of three wraps that have become favorites for any ZWZ consumer, defining the authentic and eclectic taste of the brand. The company’s decision to penetrate the North American market comes as part of a big strategic plan that begins in Vancouver and gradually expands to other major cities in Canada and the United States. 

“Entering Vancouver and the North American market is a milestone for the Zaatar w Zeit family, those who have been with us from the start, and those who have just joined this journey.” Because of the unique taste and flavors of the menu and the rise in the trend of street food popularity, Canada seemed like the best choice for the moment.”  

As a brand that Loves Regardless, Zaatar w Zeit is today considered to be much more than an accessible food chain. It is a place with heritage where freshly baked creations are shared over stories between family, friends, and lovers, only to become an instant favorite to all those who seek a modern twist on Lebanese favorites.

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Zaatar W Zeit: Taking Lebanese Knowhow to Vancouver, Canada


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