January 21, 2013

On Board Middle East Airlines - Pure Hell in Mid Air

Of course you have heard about the weather conditions in Europe these two days. Today, around 40% of all airlines traveling from Charles De Gaulles got cancelled due to heavy snow. Thank God mine was still on: MEA flight to Beirut at 10:30am. I arrive at the airport at around 9:00am after spending more that 2 hours on the road due to the snow which made driving harder of course.
To my surprise, my name was not on the flights legend. Great start. What the hell happened, I have no idea. As they told me, "someone must have cancelled your flight in Beirut." And no one bothered to tell me? Message me? Email me? Anything?
After pleading and shouting, they managed to squeeze me into the flight. Rushing like a mad woman to the terminal as it was already almost 10:30 am. I finally made it. I am not going to discuss the issue of what happened to my booking right now, as more pressing matters should be addressed and immediately.
Traveling on-board MEA was pure hell in mid air. Hostesses are supposed to make your trip a pleasant one. It's not the case on MEA. The way they are, the way they talk to passengers, the way they snap at people instead of being nice is really unacceptable!
You know when someone is professional when they know how to deal with you in cases of emergencies. Null know how on board MEA! The mere fact that its snowing like mad creates an anxiety feeling when you know you're traveling... The least you can expect is a mind comforting atmosphere. Don't expect that on MEA.
Of course the flight was delayed, we boarded at 11am and waited, waited and waited until 2:30pm. First it's because of the weather, another minute they needed to clean the snow off the plane - all this is understandable, but tell us. Be transparent! We were notified that there will be a 15 minute delay. The 15 minutes turned into hours... stuck in a tight chair giving me enough time to scout my surrounding.
The hostesses passed by with newspapers. A few asked for the Daily Star and were disappointed to find that there are no English newspapers on board. Why is that! After a few people asked, the hostess snapped and said, "I said we don't have any English newspapers on-board." Ok, we got the message, no need to be aggressive.
In the meantime, we were waiting. Instead of the super professional hostesses do their jobs and go around ask if we needed anything, if we're comfortable, they opted for a party of their own.
I am sitting in economy a couple of rows before the cabin crew at the end of the plane. Hostesses were having a morning break. Talking about their lives issues in the  highest pitched voice possible, followed by laughter that was so loud, all the passengers were looking around wondering why these women behaving like drunk teenagers on a night out. Trust me I am not exaggerating. This went on a whole hour!
Every time the man next to me dozed off, he would wake up in panic from their laughter!
The bathrooms, which I visited before take off, of course, was so dirty. The smell was so revolting I wanted to puke. We didn't leave yet and the bathroom was dirty, which only means that they did not clean the aircraft at all.
This was obvious throughout, where I am sitting is not cleaned thoroughly. Hair scattered, sticky black blotches on the back of the tables... seriously, yuck. (The pictures are clear).
Its 1:50pm and we are still on ground. I am tired, squashed in my tiny seat and waiting anxiously as the hostesses continue laughing as if there are no passengers!!! Pass around and ask if we want to drink anything. Two hours sitting!! I am loosing my patience as I am getting really hungry and thirsty! I opened the box of smarties that I had gotten my daughters and ate it all! (I'm sorry baby, but mummy was hungry.)
Its 2:22pm and we are still here. I now know the life story of the young man sitting next. At least he was nice and interesting to talk to!
A hostess finally decided to appear! She saw me using my phone (yes I am writing this on my phone on air plane mode) and she says "Madame, turn off your phone."
Not to mention, the way they walk and trot around  - no concern whatsoever to the passengers well being and comfort.
Its 2:31 and we just took off! Finally.
Food is here. The hostesses in their hideous outfits pushed the food cart bumping on every single chair they pass by. Unacceptable, don't you know the dimensions of the food cart by now.
I am angry really, looking at them, I can only see evil, ugly women we are stuck with in mid air. I am sorry but it's true. The amount of makeup, combined with messy oily hair and that blue turquoise cheap outfit - all combined with an attitude problem. Perfect combination.
I don't mean to be mean or be rude... but I can't tolerate bad service, dirty surrounding and mean attitude...

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