January 19, 2020

ON YOUR WAY: Order From Amazon and Have it Delivered to Lebanon!

Order from Amazon and Get it Delivered in Lebanon.

ON YOUR WAY: How It Works?

on your way

Once you post your order, OYW locates a traveler who is scheduled to fly to Lebanon in the coming 20 days, and has sufficient space in his luggage to accommodate your item. Said traveler has two days to either confirm or veto the item, which ships from a recognized online store – in this case, Amazon. OYW purchases and ships the watch to the traveler, who unpacks and verifies it upon receipt, sending photos of affirmation to OYW.

The traveler then securely packs the merchandise in either his carry-on or check-in baggage, and he departs to Beirut. Upon his arrival, he has two days to drop off the goods to the delivery office in Mar Mikhael or to arrange pick-up with the Wakilni couriers. That’s when you get notified your product has arrived, and you can either retrieve or arrange delivery to your doorstep for a small nominal fee.

 It’ll feel as if Amazon has finally opened shop in Lebanon!

In the rare off-chance that the item was compromised in transit, you’ll be refunded your payment in full, including the shipment rate. All deliveries are insured, so you can shop with a peace of mind.

And voila! It’ll feel as if Amazon has finally opened a shop in Lebanon. Veritably, it has powered by a web of transporters visiting from the US, UK or France. And as a customer, you’re the wiser for it, because you don’t have to fret over any hidden fees or unforeseen circumstances. Just plug and chug.


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