June 18, 2014 Achrafieh Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Orfali's: Imported Meat Crafted into Lebanese Sandwiches (Restaurant Closed)

Phone Number: +961 1 323613

Address: Achrafieh, Petro Trad Street, Sodeco , Beirut, Lebanon

Website: https://www.facebook.com/OrfaliRestaurant

Price Range: 5-15 $


Welcoming: 5/5

Food Temperature: 9/10

Ambiance / Music: 8/10

Menu Choice: 4/5

Food Taste: 27/30

Architecture / Interior: 8/10

Food presentation: 8/10

Service: 9/10

Value for money: Soon

Back to Orfali, but this time to enjoy a dine-in experience with their platters... I previously loved the concept and the tasty sandwiches they offer. I even came back to meet the cook producing the Kebbe. Let's check it out together...


I was taking a course at the Dental Association, which happens to be up on the first floor from Orfali. I decided to come down for lunch. We were two but ordered enough food for four. A detailed review should include a large selection of items... and our choices include kebbeh awl sikh platter, kabob bil karaz platter, Orfali and veal sandwiches, four kinds of kebbe, Orfali salad and Laban with cucumber.
The concept is so nice and worth looking into: Behind the glass facade supported by light wood, is a long shop where every inch has been thought off wisely. Stand still and look around. Everything is built around meat, fresh meat, which comes straight from the farm to the consumer.
The experience starts on the farm, where cows enjoy grazing on the green grass, then enter the barn where metal and wood cover the left wall, after that you arrive to the butchery with its utensils covering the right wall. Down below is the charcoal grill for you to enjoy their premium products imported directly from New Zealand that are well crafted into into a nice Lebanese sandwich.
The place is interesting:
  • An open vitrine facing a long bar with wooden high-chairs on both sides
  • On the right is the charcoal grill behind the fresh meat fridge
  • A full concept built around the “Cow”. Patterns, lines, and colorful cows cover the whole space
  • Facing that is a wide buffet displaying many appetizers of which Lahme Baajine, cheese loaf, and kebbe (sajiyeh, lebneniyeh, labneh, debs el remman, peanut butter, pistachio, tajen, la2tine, batata, lkarazieh…)
  • Facing the grill is a long wall covered with metal making it look like a hangar
  • Here and there, butcher’s utensils decorate the space
  • The space is divided into three levels: the entrance, the seating area and the kitchen
  • Things are upside down around here, the ceiling is covered with grass and large Danish cows
  • The main attraction is around the stair, where dozens of painted cows are sold at $50 or $60. Many are already in various homes around town
  • You can ask for your own custom made Orfali cow with your name or message
Kebbe bel joz, Kebbe tabboule, Kebbe labneh, Kebbe Orfali and a salad to start while I waited for the platters to come. Honestly, I was disappointed when the "platters" came.
In a small oval plate are two meat screwers... and that's it. A platter, to my knowledge should include a salad, maybe some fries, some pickles; whatever... but it's a platter, it should be more creative to look mouthwatering and appetizing... But this is how it came... same good meat, maybe good for healthy persons, but something was missing.
Besides that, food at Orfali is very tasty:
  • "Ayran" is different: Cucumber and Laban mix, that we usually eat with a spoon, is served in a bottle and is drinkable with a straw. Shredded cucumbers mixed with lightly lemony Laban. Fresh and enjoyable!
  • The salad is composed of shredded lettuce, pomegranate, diced tomatoes, small diced cucumbers in a pomegranate molasses. Fresh and tasty.
  • The sandwiches are as good as I had them the last time. Soft and thin bread filled with just the needed ingredients to make this sandwich a unique and fine one without any sophistication. A gourmet sandwich where the taste of all the rich filling is felt in every bite.
  • Kebbe in a plate comes in three skewers covered with thick tahina sauce. I wasn't too impressed. The kebbe is too condensed and lacks the additional ingredient of meat or pine nuts or maybe grilled onions that make the difference adding the flavor. As for the tarator it's too thick and too condensed leaving an unpleasant feel around the palate. That's a recipe I'll improve.
  • Kababa karaz is awesome. Four fingers in a plate covered wi cherry and bathing in a sauce of cherry and some fried bread squares. A soft and tender meat, the fine Kabab Orfali is known for adding to that the cherry with their adequate sweetness and flavor you need.
  • I couldn't resist eating the veal sandwich. This tender meat mixed with grilled onions that lost all their onion smell with crunchy pickles and a bit of hummus. One slice of bread is all what you need to support this sandwich. Lovely!
  • The kebbe are just as good as last time. You remember the 12 different kinds of kebbe, where I met the man in the kitchen... The Basma has been discontinued. 
The last time I was here I tasted some mouthwatering desserts, but I couldn't enjoy some that day as they didn't have any. What a frustration!
Tasty sandwiches, good kebbe, premium meat and amazing Laban drink, Orfali is a place to visit. I continued my day with a smile and not feeling heavy. I heard that they are opening in Jal El Dib, in the meantime, head down to Sodeco where the Orfali cows are waiting for you...





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