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Pizza Hut: The Story of a Dry and Untasty Pizza
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Saturday night at home with my husband... movie night it is... we made popcorn, got some snacks and got relaxed... Of course half way through the movie, we get hungry, craving for some junk food - a pizza. Where from...? We thought why not Pizza Hut. Some good old American style pizza won't hurt too much. It has been a while since we have ordered from there and as far as I remember, they are usually always prompt. But sadly what we ordered came late, and what we received and ate was everything but tasty and fresh.


We ordered, a Lebanese pizza, with no mushrooms, since my husband has an allergy to mushrooms. To avoid the whole stress of the scene where the character of Will Smith's face bloats up in the comedy movie HITCH, we always make sure that all our orders come without mushrooms. This pizza usually comes with cheese, olives, ham and mushrooms.

So I insisted, no mushrooms please.

25minutes later the pizza comes - we open it to find a 1001 pieces of mushrooms all over the pizza. I call them and complain... I asked the lady who answered:"Please repeat to me what I ordered? She said: A large Lebanese pizza without mushrooms....


So why did I get a pizza with extra mushrooms...? She apologized and said another will be on its way.... and asked for the pizza back. I thought, "Are they for real?" Impatiently hungry we waited and waited and waited.... 40 minutes later I call back. "Where is my pizza?" They said: It's almost there...A few minutes after, the delivery boy comes... gives us the new box. I gave him back the older order... (that alone needs a moment) but whatever, we're hungry.


Opening the box, the pizza really looked unappetizing. We started to eat regardless. The pizza felt and tasted like an old pizza that was reheated and not freshly made... The cheese was chewy and the worst part were the ham pieces, which looked old and tasted like plastic rubber... not that I would know how that tastes like, but trust me, it was anything but ham. But you know when you leave food out long, the sides changes color and becomes darker and harder. It looks horrible to be honest and tastes even worse... the dough was too dry, we had to cut them off... Removing the crust, the ham pieces, chewy cheese... There was nothing left to eat.

The whole pizza is dry, chewy, tasteless. This is what I call a flop, a downer, empty calories... I am not happy. I hate it when I'm hungry and craving something and get something as bad as this pizza. No one cares anymore for quality... PLEASE PIZZA HUT: Instead of mentioning the offers you have at Pizza Hut like a talking machine, maybe concentrating on your customers' orders and quality of food would be better...

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