June 05, 2013

Press Art Lemon and Lime Squeezer

Here'e a fancy way to squeeze some lemon - especially when you have a lunch or dinner party and want to impress some friends. Put half a lemon or lime slice pressed with the Press Art lemon and lime squeezer yields approximately the same amount of juice as half a lemon pressed by hand, saving up to over 50% of your lemon or lime budget. Oyster dinner anyone?


Thanks to its transparent high quality material and beautiful design, it offers an extra decoration at the table. This high quality lemon squeezer is 100% recyclable and is is made of material that makes it look like crystal. Each pack contains 2 squeezers!

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How to use: 1. Cut a lemon/lime lengthwise and cut in 1/4" thick half slices 2. Put 1 half slice in the squeezer (rind down) 3. Press lever until reservoir fills up 4. Pour juice over food/drink and voila.

Categories: Food Gadgets


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