June 09, 2013

NoGarlicNoOnions on Men El Ekher with Pierre Rabbat

NoGarlicNoOnions most successful TV appearance was on Min El Ekhir, a weekly blog where six anchors from different professional backgrounds meet to comment and vote on the latest political issues, social happenings, cultural events and unusual phenomenon. NoGarlicNoOnions Men El Ekhir

Hosted by Pierre Rabbat, the group, composed of professionals like: Patricia Nammour, Tino Karam,Roula Kehdi, Habib Ghobril, Nayla Lahoud, Georges Harb, Ghida Tbeily, Rached Bohsali, Roula Mansour, Zeina Chamounr. Every week 6 of them sit around a friendly round table; enjoys and entertains the viewers with humorous and sarcastic comments on the clips.

The show includes nine different segments in which guests may be sometimes hosted and could be subject to some funny hoaxes or pranks:

• Every week, a funny picture will be selected. It will be the picture of the week. Pierre and his fellows will criticize it in a funny way.

• A political round up will always include the principal subjects which occurred during the week; it will concern local news and/or international news. We will host Lebanese Politicians to have their own point of view and critics.

3ayshin Sawa: during this part we host the spouse of a Lebanese personality, and try to get some insides from the familly and their lifestyle. • The team will select one of the most appealing advertising of the week that is currently broadcasted. Hence, the creative mind behind this commercial will be hosted to talk about this idea and its effect on the market and its consumers.

• A new concept in town will be introduced in each episode; later discussed by the anchors in the presence of a representative figure of the company. Therefore, the firm will benefit an indirect marketing.

• Amusing videos will also take part in the show.

Ekhir Injaz, with the collaboration of Bank of Beirut will highlight young Lebanese achievers in every Episode.

• Our world is jam-packed of weird stuffs and events; and thus will be the show. Weirdoes will make the audience extremely surprised, interacted and at times disgusted.

Zapping: if you missed something on tv during the week, on any channel, we'll zapp it for you!

• The last two segments, parody and I was there, would be interchangeable. While our country is full of amusing parodies, it’s also a country full of events and celebrations. The camera of Min El Ekhir will follow these events and bring you closer to them.


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