December 01, 2016 Jbeil Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Quick Fish: Jbeil's Fish Sandwich Place (Restaurant Closed)
Non-smokers friendly

Phone Number: +961 71 312 222

Address: Vote Romaine, Jbeil, Byblos, Lebanon


Price Range: 10-20 $

I am back in Byblos, the world's oldest and surely most authentic of cities. Known for its fresh fish, there's a shop I like called Quick Fish that offers a different, more modern approach to fish sandwiches and salads. Something the younger generation would enjoy, in my opinion. 


Today I'm back to have lunch at Quick Fish. Mezze, salads, local sandwiches and international sandwiches, plates and drinks. A varied menu prepared behind an open bar. Sandwiches are rolled inside out, brushed with sumac, salt and lemon then toasted to crunch.


A hefty lunch:

  • An excellent crab salad made with ripe avocado slices, corn, diced red pepper and lemon mustard dressing. It's the colorful touch, the quality of the crab and the mustard sauce - a light yet very intense sauce - that make this so good.
  • The Bizri Caesar salad with cheese and lettuce. 
  • The combo appetizers, a huge basket that will make your mouth water. Calamari, shrimp toast, spring rolls, fries, fish cakes, crispy shrimp and shrimp risotto. Non oily, crunchy and bursting with flavor. I loved the quality, taste and especially the sauces that come with them (tartar, Mediterranean, sweet chili, cocktail and curry).
  • Now for the sandwiches. Quick Fish sandwiches are rolled inside out leaving the crispy inside to toast on the grill. Sandwiches have a white color and a better feel. The seafood cocktail is a mix of calamari, shrimp, octopus and fish.
  • I went on to taste the grilled fish sandwich and the spicy grilled sandwich. Good quality fish is used in both sandwiches.
  • The fish fajita is recommended; a fish sandwich with a Mexican touch, peppers, wrapped in tortilla bread with sauce and spice.


This is my second time at Quick Fish. Grab a sandwich to go or sit and relish the complete experience, with the food presented on trays and metallic buckets.





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