May 27, 2015 London UK Europe

Recommended: Breakfast at Heathrow's Hilton, London


Welcoming: 4/5

Food Temperature: 8/10

Ambiance / Music: 8.5/10

Menu Choice: 4/5

Food Taste: 28/30

Architecture / Interior: 8/10

Food presentation: 8/10

Service: 8/10

Value for money: 8/10

The Hilton Hotel: Heathrow Terminal 4

An early morning, 8am here in Heathrow, sounds of the fountain, smooth music playing in the background... I woke up early just to check their breakfast and I'm happy I've done so.


I honestly wasn't planning on giving a breakfast a review of its own until I laid my eyes on the buffet. A sumptuous and generous buffet managed by a team of welcoming employees, each wearing the best smile he has. It starts with a "Welcome sir", followed by "Should I serve you the coffee?", while people were arriving and being welcomed with high and clear voice.

Occupying the back area of the atrium, breakfast takes place at the Italian restaurant. The tables are all set to welcome guests on each side, following long benches of leather one in red and the other in light brown. The floor is covered in a relaxing carpet, while some lights give warmth to the space. 

Two spoons, a fork and knife, a glass for the orange juice, a cup of coffee, a bread plate as well as butter and jam, the table is full and perfectly set to welcome guests. It also has sugar and a salt mill.


The buffet is fully loaded, and worthy of the five star reputation the hotel has. The sort of buffet I usually see at a luxury destination and rarely at airport hotels. You want it, they have it. 

Touring around, some English muffins caught my attention. I grabbed one, cut it in half, grilled it for a minute, spread butter on and filled it with an individual sunny side up egg. Wow! I didn't expect this sandwich to that good. A fluffy and warm muffin with a light crunch and a flavorful egg inside. Yummy!


Time has stopped! I stopped everything as I bit into this extravagant muffin! 

The Nutella muffin: That's something to die for, that's something that would make me want to come back to this hotel again, this is something I've rarely had in my entire life. A large muffin carefully warmed to keep the chocolate flowing. A muffin covered with a decorative chocolate top and sprinkled with hazelnuts. Inside is a warm and fluffy heart, tender and non-sticky, melting in style before the inner heart of Nutella touches your tongue. Man! I melted with it. Crunchy toasted nuts with all the flavor they have and the inner molten heart that put a smile on my face. I was transported into another world, I forgot about my review, forgot about the buffet and where I was sitting... I was traveling in a land of dreams. 

Back to breakfast, I would describe it as a no mistake. Again the staff, worked professionally to make you feel good.

The buffet is divided into four distinct islands. On the right side is the bread, bagels and Danish pastry area with fresh croissants. The middle island hosts a generous selection of freshly cut fruits on one side and yogurt with cheese on the other. Cereals occupy its back side. On the left side is the hot section. Scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausages, bacon and beans. Lastly, the area where a chef prepares a la minute eggs, each served in an individual casserole as well as scrambled eggs the way you like them. Best for last, the muffin display, the muffins are replaced as the tray empties. Apple and cinnamon came first, Nutella followed.

They have another muffin, an apple, sultana and cinnamon one. I believe the creator, the pastry chef behind those creations, deserves two Michelin stars. A crunchy caramelized top, strong cinnamon aromas, a fluffy heart and chewy, seedless sultana grapes as an after note. Amazing, indeed. I've rarely enjoyed such moist and flavorful muffins. 


Now for the eggs Benedict, not available on the buffet, but it can be ordered from the kitchen. Two individual poached eggs lying on a slice of thick ham over a toasted English muffin, all covered by a sauce hollandaise. The eggs are perfectly cooked, the muffin lightly chewy, as it should be, ham of a good quality, but the sauce has a vinegar-like taste and lemon empowers, with a flavor one doesn't want to feel. It's good, but I've had better.

Calmly sipping my coffee, I spent at least an hour enjoying my time and trying as many items as I could from the buffet. I was so happy to have come here.





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