June 30, 2014 Zahle Bekaa Lebanon Middle East

Salameh's Sticky Treats on the Berdawni, Zahle
Sweet Tooth

Semsmiyeh, what else? Coming to Zahle and going back home with some Semsmieh is like visiting Batroun and enjoying their lemonade. Heading to Salameh Salameh was a must, where the third generation of artisans are making and selling these sweet treats up on the Berdawni.
Al Berdawni, Zahle's famous touristic hub has been known for its Semsmiyeh sellers forever, mixed sugar and nuts mixed giving a final result sweet, sticky and enjoyably crunchy.
Salemeh is one of these popular places, especially since the boast a secret secret recipe and to prove so, the owner showed us some magazine clipping and interviews. Semsmiyeh, Festkieh, Chocolat and nuts, peanuts, cashew nuts, walnuts, almonds and nougat are some of his specialities.
The current owner’s grandfather started selling these sticky treats more than a century ago and Salameh took over in the Eighties. Helped by his daughter, he arrives at his usual spot on the Berdawni walk every day, where people from all over the country come to buy his products. Everything is homemade, prepared at home and brought in to sell.

I was impressed by his generosity and his smile. He allowed me to taste everything, one bite after the other, before I chose to have a selection which he sells for LBP30,000 the kilo.

What caught my attention was a bulky, white sweet. The stickiest of them all, perfect if you're planning on removing your crowns. Called "m3allal" this sweet is produced by simply using sugar and mastic.
Tasty, to say the least, these crunchy sins are adequately sweet and enjoyable... and certainly addictive. Salameh produced all of his sweets at home and doesn't have a factory or shop.
Nougat, Malban, Marzipan and sugar free items are for sale as well, all homemade. So, next time you're going to Zahle, don't forget to have some Semsmiyeh at Al Berdawni.
Salameh Salameh: +96171827944
Suitable For: Sweet Tooth





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