September 17, 2012

Salmontini Le Resto: An Experience with Belvedere Vodka (Restaurant Closed)

Salmontini Le Resto, Accaoui Slope, Achrafieh, is no stranger to exceptional cuisine. This fall it builds on its reputation for fine dining when Belvedere, the World’s First Premium Rate Vodka is fused with specially marinated salmon dishes. The result… a party filled with mouth-watering salmon, Belvedere premium vodka, and an assortment of live Jazz & Blues bands.

Salmontini Le Resto is on course to offer its guests a brand new and unique culinary experienced based around two main ingredients – salmon and vodka. The launching of this ‘reservation only’ event will take place on the first Thursday of every month, starting October 4, 2012 and each month thereafter. 12 events throughout the year promise to showcase live Jazz and Blues bands, the kind of salmon dishes Salmontini le Resto is renowned for, and, of course, Belvedere, the world’s first premium rate vodka, which our executive French Chef Jerome Anfray and Chef Bassam Harfouch utilizes to concoct unique and wonderful new dishes for the event’s set menu. Speaking about the event, Harfouch said, ‘I am very excited. We have developed our experience to create new dishes for the event. It is well known that salmon and vodka create the perfect partners and the set menu we have created reveals some wonderful surprises’

The launch of the event on October 4th, and each month thereafter, will be used as a springboard to unveil a new mystery cocktail fusion that introduces Belvedere premium rate vodka into the mix. At each event, a mystery Belvedere vodka-based cocktail will be unveiled to become the evening’s signature drink. An al fresco Belvedere Vodka Bar, complete with a fountain created from ice will be situated on Salmontini Le Resto’s terrace. To keep the Belvedere Vodka as it should be - ice cold, it will be poured through the center of the ice fountain and into a frozen shot glass.

Speaking about the event, Husni Ajlani, one of Salmontini’s founders said, ‘This event is a perfect way to end summer and welcome the fall. The good times can continue and with Belvedere premium rate vodka aboard then those good times are guaranteed. At Salmontini we believe that this unique collaboration will create the kind of buzz our guests are looking for, while retaining the high standards for which Salmontini Le Resto is known.’

The ‘Salmon & Vodka’ event launches Thursday, October 4th and every Thursday thereafter at Salmontini Le Resto, Accoui Achrafieh. This is a reservation-only event.

To book a table, call Salmontini Le Resto: 01/ 320 920. Mobile: 03/151616.

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