July 16, 2015 New York USA Americas

Semsom New York is Officially Open (Restaurant Closed)

Sunday was a discovery day, trying their sandwiches and plates, a new encounter with a revisited approach on Lebanese food the American way... Today, Tuesday, was the official opening of the next big thing in New York, a Lebanese eatery located on 2 Astor Place, showing the world the flavors of our beloved country. 


The celebrations started way before the opening. At 1pm it was already a fiesta at Semsom where stations of popcorn, hummus and manakish were distributed to anyone passing along the street. Blue tents decorated with lights and loud stripes attracted the curious eyes while the staff, with a big smile on their face, welcomed guests explaining about Lebanese food as if they were from the land of the cedars. The spirit around Semsom can't but make you happy.

Come on DJ, pump up the floor... It was 5pm when the guests started arriving. Music, fun and drinks with little bites of or homeland. Labneh in ice cream cones, biscuits and Turkish delights, sfouf muffins, Halawa and chocolate muffins, almonds cashew nuts and dried cranberries, semsmiyyeh and mastika chewing gum. Guests enjoyed the signature sparkling rose, Semsom lemonade, arak with pomegranate and the Semsom Love, made of vodka, thyme, lemonade and sumac rum. Bartender Eric has done a great job with those Lebanese flavors. 


The whole place was full of happy people moving around the four stations. Saj bread, labneh cones, drinks and a gift station where you could personalize your own shopping bag.

The party continued until 8pm... Mabrouk Semsom, I hope you take Lebanese flavors to all the states of America.


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