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Seven Sisters: A Summer Experience in Beirut
See and Be Seen Out with the Guys

I didn't want to publish a review on Seven Sisters before trying it myself. Seven Sisters is one of this past summer’s newest and hottest spot. But I had the chance to try out the food brought to life by chef Dany Khairallah.

Seven Sisters is a concept that promises different experiences all under one roof – you’ll find a sushi bar, the grill, the bar and the dining area over flowing water.


The menu is different divided into chapters:

  • Chapter 1 for the nibbles
  • Chapter 2 for the starters
  • Chapter 3 for the main course
  • Chapter 4 for the dessert
  • The end

The menu's highlights:

  • Truffle fries, Veggie starters, seafood starters, raw fish starters and chicken starters. 
  • Chapter 2 is divided into many sections:  Tempura, Bruschetta, salads and sandwiches 
  • Main courses have pasta, main course, bbq, skewers and side order.
  • White peach Prosecco sorbet.
  • Pain Perdu "Mars"


Tonight's dinner:

  • Prawns Mango Sauce: Three prawns served on a triangular plate with lettuce to decorate it, a grilled lemon and the sauce. Three perfectly grilled prawns offering a juicy heart and a charcoal flavor served next to a mango sauce that's adequately sweet. I'm not a fan of sweetness in savory dishes but this one rocks. PS: I would order this sauce with everything. It works well with meat and chicken. It can be named the summer sauce.
  • Grilled Fish Skewer: A marble stone plate and three skewers in it. Two skewers of salmon, shrimp and grouper and another of vegetables and corn on the cub. Juicy and extremely flavorful, a certain finesse haunts those chunks. A spicy Siracha tartar sauce on the side adds the finesse and taste they need.
  • Chicken Skewers: Juicy is the name, red is the color, flavor is the description. Very well tendered and marinated chicken with Indian spices and garlic, which didn't disturb me. I liked this plate.
  • Meat Skewers: Amazing! Tender and full bodied tenderloin meat that’s marinated. It feels like something upscale and European.
  • Rock Shrimp Tempura: Crunchy battered shrimps embracing a juicy shrimp heart covered with a mayo spicy creamy sauce. I loved the sauce, the crunch and the quality of shrimps but I'd add more sauce and make it a bit spicier. The shrimps have a dull taste and the envelope is a bit too thick.
  • Spring Rolsl: To start with the plate is not too appetizing. Stir-fried vegetables fills them with a grilling/burned flavor with a flaky skin that's a bit oily. The filling pieces are too big and a bit unpleasant to chew; I'll cut them smaller. Dip in the sauce and every defect will be covered. I personally don't do sauces much trying to feel every ingredient.
  • Spinach Cannelloni: Baked cannelloni stuffed with ricotta covered with tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese. It’s simply yummy. Two cannelloni sleeping one next to the other are bathing majestically in a Parmesan cheese sauce. Inside is a mix of ricotta and spinach. All together, it's a perfect combination. Al dente cooked cannelloni, sour tomato juice, creamy sauce... Up to the standard of a fine Italian. 
  • Crispy chicken: marinated chicken served in a Sucrine lettuce leaf topped with a sweet Tagarachi sauce.  Chips add a crunch and chewiness; the lettuce makes it feel light and putting the chicken forward.



  • The Mars Pain Perdu is ouf! It's not like any pain perdu you ever had before, a block of bread embracing a Mars bar, juicy bread with a sticky chocolate, caramel, sugar... Addiction! That's really something but a bite would be enough to satisfy your every sense.
  • White and dark chocolate fondant: molten chocolate cake with a white and dark chocolate interior served with vanilla ice cream. A really molten heart, a tender envelop, an intense darkness, long lasting after note stays around putting a smile on your face. Loved it!

Drink of the night:

  • Spritz number 2: Fresh fruits, strawberries, Nambrusco white (Italian sparkling wine) and Aperol. 

That's Seven Sisters Beirut... See you next summer.





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