May 08, 2016 Korea

Softree Organic Milk Ice Cream with Honeycomb
Non-smokers friendly
Sweet Tooth

It's an ice cream parlor serving one famous item and the photos people have been posting over the net speak for themselves. I was so excited to try it. 


In Seoul, one ice cream parlor stands out. Softree is known for their organic milk soft ice cream topped with a fresh chunk of honeycomb. Located in the food court of the Lotte Department Store, this is where I was going this morning.

Other than the famous honeycomb, Softree also has a variety of offerings including the original, with liquid honey, snow like Sel, it's magic lamp, the food affogato, mango mango; different choices numbered from one to ten.

Each flavor uses a different colored cone carefully prepared a la minute.

Organic fresh milk like you're drinking a cup of milk from the fridge. Tender, soft ice cream that's concentrated without being heavy and doesn't contain ice particles. Lightly sweet, the honeycomb on top adds the sweetness for this magical treat. The honeycomb is not too chewy and the honey itself not too sweet. A perfect match worth trying. It is close to the street food fish cone, but with more finesse and definitely a better taste. 

Heaven in a cone; a must try.

Suitable For: Sweet Tooth





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