October 04, 2016

Souk el Akel's Summer Tour: A Wrap-up and Now Back to Beirut!

This summer, Souk el Akel proved to be Lebanon’s biggest food festival with a series of Summer events throughout various areas in Lebanon, where more than 500,000 people, in total, got the chance to enjoy good food prepared on the live by over 35 dedicated and innovative food artists. And the adventure continues...


Souk el Akel’s Summer Edition has taken its flavors to various areas in Lebanon including Tannourine, Chekka, Aley, FarayaBroumana to name a few and ended with a bang a Back to School edition which took place in Hazmieh, Spinney’s car park.

It was a great summer for Souk el Akel where visitors had the chance to be tourists in their own country... discovering and reliving some of the countries most beautiful spots while enjoying tasty food, delicious ice cream, and innovative bites … in a fun, family and friendly atmosphere.

Souk el Akel’s welcomes autumn as they head back to their original location in Downtown Beirut every Thursday evening… Stay tuned to enjoy the best that Lebanon's street food has to offer and there will be something new every week… There will never be a dull moment that's for sure.


Souk el Akel has excelled a great deal with constant innovative ideas that have changed the way we experience street food in Lebanon. Only using the best and freshest ingredients out there, taste and rich flavors are always guaranteed. Cleanliness is key while a unified look including aprons show the true bond that expresses Souk el Akel's family who will be waiting for you every Thursday night in Downtown.

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