September 12, 2017 Lebanon Middle East

Souk el Akel's "Sushi Burrito": A Personal Favorite!
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Souk el Akel's Sushi Burrito is Lebanon's, the Middle East’s and probably the world's best: be proud!


I've had many in my time; I’ve traveled to New York to taste what they offer, and I've come back to Lebanon proud of what we can create. It’s a thick and loaded Sushi Burrito, soft - but not chewy - rice, premium quality fish, fresh vegetables, crunchy crisps, mayo and a hint of spiciness. It's your ticket to Japan and back, and it's American know how and Lebanese passion in every bite.

Souk el Akel's Sushi Burrito is one of the kings, a must try it would be a travesty not to have at least once in your lifetime. Who wants to use chopsticks on the street when you can get the same feeling in a sandwich? Four times the size of a maki, filled to bursting: Souk el Akel’s Sushi Burrito. Rice, salmon, crisps, avocado, mayo and much more wrapped in a nori leaf to go.

It was, and still is, the country’s food revolution, the talk of the town.

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Rassif Cafe and Restaurant, Tripoli


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