February 16, 2014 Lebanon Middle East

SUD: The Day I Fell In Love with Risotto

Phone Number: +961 1 560 900

Address: Mar Mikhael main road, facing Manar station, Achrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon ( 12AM - 12PM)

Website: http://www.sudrestaurant.com/

Price Range: 40-60 $

One of my favorite places in Lebanon today is definitely SUD. After reading NGNO's article on their new menu, I got all excited to go try out their new dishes... I headed down to Mar Mikhael with my best friend and went up the stairs and into the La Cour de St Michel... and switched off... I just wanted to spend a calm afternoon enjoying some good food. Thankfully that was exactly what happened and more. More? Yes, this was the day I fell in love with risotto. I have never been a fan of risotto before. Many tell me I am missing out on a lot but it's just how I felt up until I tried a new risotto dish prepared at SUD. They are right, when risotto is prepared right, it's amazing! Risotto Acidule a La Seiche - Squid risotto cooked in ink. This dish is a must try. All I can say was that I was happily impressed with every bite. The al dente rice, the juicy squid, the zesty lemon after taste... Yum! Honestly I would come back just to have this dish - to enjoy it to the fullest. I was so full when I tried it. I had eaten a variety of new items proposed on SUD's menu. photo 2Let's me tell you what I had... and I can honestly say that these are some of the best most innovative dishes I have tried in a while. Tartine de Mozzarella Di Bufala - Bufala mozarella, fresh tomatoes, eggplant caviar, basil, toasted French sourdough photo 1 Cornet De Saumon Marine - Dill marinated salmon, cream cheese, lemon, brick pastry sheet cornet photo 4 Brusquette De Thon Frais Mi-Cuit - Seared fresh tuna bruschetta, Parmesan, caesar dressing photo 1 Roule de Parme - Parma ham roll with smoked mozeralla and vegetable stuffing photo 5 Brusquette de Chevre aux Petits Legumes - Goat cheese and vegetables bruschetta, olive tapenade photo 3 Fois Gras Maison - Home made fois gras, quince chutney, small green salad, fig bread photo 3 Trust me I am not exaggerating... But each of the items I have tried had something special to offer and every item is served in a really unique way. Yum...  

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