December 08, 2013

Swirlyz ... The original Funnel Cake: Now in ABC Achrafieh (Restaurant Closed)

"Swirlyz" came about when 2 friends were reminiscing about their sweetest childhood food memories. The one that stood out the most was the "Funnel Cake", a hot, crispy, dessert dusted with powdered sugar. Growing up in the United States, and spending time every week-end going to the Boardwalk or the Amusement Park, the discovery of this dessert was one of the highlights of summer.

The concept behind "Swirlyz" is to introduce the original Funnel Cake to Beirut, to the rest of the Middle-East and beyond, so people can experience the magic of childhood and to savor the unique taste and shape of this all time American favorite, without having to visit a Fair or an Amusement Park.

Funnel cake is a regional food popular in North America at carnivals, fairs, sporting events, and seaside resorts. Funnel cakes are made by pouring batter into hot cooking oil in a circular pattern and deep frying the overlapping mass until golden-brown. When made at concession stands, a pitcher with an integral funnel spout is employed. Funnel cakes are typically served plain with powdered sugar, or with jam, cinnamon, Nutella, fresh fruit, or other toppings. A 150 mm diameter funnel cake has fewer than 300 calories though most funnel cakes are closer to 230 mm in diameter.Funnel cake can vary dramatically in its caloric content, depending upon which toppings are added. In Austrian cuisine the equivalent is called Strauben and is made and served similarly. In Slovenian cuisine they are called flancati. In Finnish cuisine the analogous tippaleipä is traditionally served at May Day (Vappu) celebrations. In Ripon, North Yorkshire, it is also known as "Fennel Funnel Pie". In the Indian subcontinent a similar dessert is called jalebi which has a somewhat chewy texture with a crystallized sugary exterior coating; in Iran this would be known as zulbia and is a popular dessert.

Years later, and all grown up, the Funnel cake is still the most fun to eat, delicious dessert ever. This is how Swirlyz started: over friendship, food memories, and a love for all things sweet in life! ABC Achrafieh Level 3, +961 1 369 490

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