May 25, 2013

Terminal E, Concourse L: One of Paris' Biggest Flying Hubs

Arriving at the Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport into Terminal E/L at Charles De Gaules, an idea came to mind. Remembering the movie "The Terminal" where a traveler, played by Tom Hanks, spends  days inside an airport terminal. For a second, I wished I could get stuck in this terminal for a while. It's that good, yes. There are beds, bathrooms, smoking areas, restaurants, playing areas, computers, Internet, massage and shops... What else would I need? A true vacation...


I simply love it when I rediscover places I already know. Every time I go I discover something new, I discover the smallest details. Terminal E in Paris has been my landing zone for sometime now especially areas L and K, which are known to cater to Middle East and the short flights around Europe.

Spending sometime around the Terminal E/L, I decided to walk its four corners and discover it inside out. Wow! Believe me, it is big. This terminal is divided into two distinctive areas which you will discover as soon as you pass through the security checkpoint. To your right are gates 41 to 53 and to your left are gates 22 to 36. Each of the two huge halls has it: a coffee shop, a restaurant, a massage area, beds, Internet stations, gaming hubs and duty free shops. Don't waste your time going opposite your direction as both sides are identical. Arriving at the terminal, start by visiting the main duty free shop in the middle, the cosmetic area, spirits and clothes shops before walking to discover the rest. What's interesting here is that the Skyteam lounge is just in the middle between the two areas. Take the elevator to the first floor where a very long lounge of sofas awaits you.


The main halls are relaxing. The high ceilings and long glass facades are perfect to let in just the right amount of light. Orange, beige, black and grey are the colors chosen mixing between luxury, trendy and classy. Even the floor is covered with a relaxing carpet.


What to expect:

  • Follow the signs in front of shops (perfumes, press, fashion, fine food, wines and spirits, tobaccos, gifts, cosmetics...)
  • 53 gates in total, if you reach 53, know that you are far from the beginning
  • A smoking area is available on both sides. I don't think you want to even go into this 1x2meters glass room
  • Two Relay stands, the famous newspaper shop
  • Many digital corners for game aficionados
  • More than 10 cyber cafes where the first 15 minutes of Internet are offered for free
  • Coffee, chocolate and soda vending machines are available on the the extremities of the terminal
  • The Fly Bar is your quick sandwiches and coffee destination in the northern area of the terminal, and illi's Espressamente handles the south hall
  • La Duree selling stand
  • Relaxing leather beds all over the very long hall
  • Air de Paris souvenirs shop
  • Exki (natural fresh and ready) is the main restaurant of the north hall and taste n flight serves the south hall
  • Hermes boutique
  • Royal Quartz watches
  • Salvatore Ferragamo
  • Emporio Armani
  • Quand Le chat n'est pas la, kids store
  • Travelex exchange store
  • Swatch watches kiosk
  • Be Relax, massage stand
  • Hediard shop and coffee place serving the finest delicatessen items as well as sandwiches and refreshments
  • A Kids playground
  • Salon video PS3 next to gate L31
  • Luminotherapie, a concept by Philips facing gate L32
  • Two FNAC technology and gadgets shops


Terminal 2E Airlines:

Aeroflot, AeroMexico, Air Europa, Air France, Air Mauritus, Air Tahiti, Alitalia, Armavia, China Eastern, China Southern, Delta Airlines, Japan Airlines, JAT Airways, Kenya Airways, KLM, Korean Airlines, Qantas Airways, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Ukraine International Airlines.


Terminals L and K are similar to each other and completely different to Paris' old airport halls. They are amazing compared to the old and famous terminal F where Lebanese traveling to Paris used to be welcomed for the past decade. Yes, it was bad... Worse than Beirut's airport. Next time you are in Paris's Charles De Gaules, you'll know what to expect.





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