December 13, 2015

Thank You for Bringing Joy to Lebanon ...

I woke up this morning with a big smile on my face and a happy chill down my spine. I just wanted to take a moment to say something… to say thank you. Every time Souk el Akel takes place, I am amazed... I am happy... surprised... emotional... words are never enough to express the amount of joy I get when I see happy faces of food artisans working behind their booths, laughing kids jumping around, sweet couples cuddling and walking, close friends having a good time.... but all with one aim... and that is to enjoy the Lebanon we all love.


Souk el Akel has become much more than just a meeting point for food and fun; but a place where people come to have fun, forget all their worries ... trust me you can feel it... honestly it's intense and it is gratifying to say the least. I am not just saying this to say it... but every single time, the goose bumps I get, gets bigger and bigger…


The crowd, the tenants, the electricity that's flying around from the fun and positive energy immersed is indescribable... I just wanted to say thank you to everyone playing a big part of Souk el Akel, whether it’s the people behind the place where Souk el Akel is taking place, our hand picked tenants, the crowd… YOU and positive vibes you bring…


Every edition that takes place is special in it’s own unique way and it's because of you - thank you...




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