October 20, 2013

The Agenda Beirut: Culinary Arts & Hospitality Courses

The agenda Beirut is a non-formal education group that goes with the grain of the increasingly gaining momentum culture of lifelong learning. They offer a set up of short programs replicating all the basics required to meet the needs of different diligences under the umbrella of Arts, Lifestyle, Luxury and Society. The group offers unique chances of exchange from elite professionals to different attendees of various backgrounds, ages and experience allowing them to grow their knowledge about a topic they are passionate about and offering them a big chance of networking on all levels. The Agenda Beirut In this short course, Chef Cynthia Bitar will go into menu discussions upon occasions while covering all aspects of cutlery, followed by a glimpse on culinary arts. This will lead to a practical application that consists on a visit to a local food store focusing on how to meticulously pick the accurate ingredients and ending with a Christmas themed cooking class in December at Nazira's in Ain Saade. Culinary Arts and Hospitality

Cynthia Bitar

Chef & owner at Nazira Catering. Combining professionalism and youth, the chef orchestrates freshness and delicacy. Graduated from Paul Bocuses’ kitchens, she is considered one of the business masters since her beginning. Nazira's famous cooking classes are under the umbrella of The Agenda's program in an innovative twist. You can attend those 6 courses, once weekly sessions on Mondays from 10:30am-1:30pm starting the 28th of October.
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