September 22, 2023

The Beauty of Bergen: A Cruise Stop in Norway's Coastal Gem

Bergen, the second-largest city in Norway, sits at the center of the seven mountains. It has beautiful scenery, characterized by the Bergen Port and the striking fjords. Found at the heart of the city, Bergen Cruise Port is a walk away from most prime attractions. Travelers can hike the seven mountains, explore the old town, and enjoy cruising their favorite destinations.

For cruise lovers, Bergen is your go-to destination in Norway, with something for everyone all year round. There are many ways you can discover and experience the beauty of Bergen.

How to Discover the Beauty of Bergen, Norway

Bergen is a magnificent place to cruise through when exploring Norway. Although it is an all-year haven, the sunny summer offers more rejuvenating tour experiences. Make your Bergen itinerary an indelible reminiscence in the following ingenious ways.

1. A Boat Trip to Nearby Islands

One of the best ways to experience the beauty of Bergen is to go on a boat cruise through the surrounding islands. Take advantage of notable cruise stops in Norway such as Longyearbyen, Tromsø, Alesund, and Spitsbergen.

These cruise stops are gateways to natural paradise sites and culturally rich towns and cities. Go kayaking, hiking, or biking on Breimsoya Island to discover its breathtaking natural magnificence, characterized by explicit waters and leafy green hills.

Holmoya Island has historic spots like the ruins of a medieval monastery and the Holmoy lighthouse. Sæbø Island is the place to go for adrenaline-rushing hiking experiences, whale watching, and fishing off the coast. Hardangerfjord is Norway’s deepest fjord for boating, biking, and hiking excursions.

  1. Go on a Walk Through the Fish Market

Fish Market is the home of fresh seafood and a great place to buy shellfish, fish, and farm vegetables and fruits. This vibrant market has existed since the 12th century and sits at the city center, neighboring the waterfront. It stays open throughout the year but is busiest in summer. Traders sell seafood on display, and peculiar offerings include mackerel, cod, halibut, and cod.

Go on a guided market tour to learn more about its history and interact with traders. Similarly, you can visit the fish auction to learn more about fish selling and the local industry. The fish market is an excellent photogenic scene to shoot some incredible Instagram photos.

  1. Tour the Bergenhus Fortress

Itinerants interested in architecture and history cannot go wrong with the Bergenhus fortress. The medieval site was a prison, royal residence, and military base for many years. It is found at the center of Bergen city, offering scenic city and harbor views. The fortress reminds residents of Bergen’s rich history and is a learning center for foreigners.

Bergen Fortress houses notable buildings like the Hakon’s Hall, Rosenkrantz Tower, and the Crown Tower.

Its grounds are open for the public to enjoy the scenic views or do picnicking. For the daredevils, the fortress is a one-of-a-kind place to hold your wedding or that memorable event. Remember, the scenery is perfect for shooting pictures and videos.

4. Hike the Mount Floyen

Are you the type fascinated by hikes? You will appreciate hiking Mount Floyen in Bergen. It offers an easy and fun 45-minute trek to the top. The views at the top are scenic, and one can see through the surrounding mountains, city, and harbor.

You get to the top using the Fløyenstien trail or the Fløyen funicular. Fløyen funicular railway takes you to the peak in eight minutes. Fløyenstien trail begins at Fløyen funicular railway’s lower station and takes around 45 minutes to reach the peak.

You can grab your favorite drink, food, or souvenir when at the mountain peak from the Fløyen café. Remember to wear comfortable and light shoes and a water bottle. Because the weather can change unexpectedly, bring a jacket and heavy-duty shoes.


  1. Explore the Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf

Before going back to your country or home, attempt to visit Bryggen. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has a series of beautiful 14th wooden buildings. The Hanseatic League’s trade center, Bryggen, has proved to be an iconic tourist destination in Norway. Hanseatic League, the authoritative trading association of the Middle Ages, handled most trade activities in Northern Europe.

Many of the Bryggen buildings are the creations of the Hanseatic merchants. They used them as living quarters and stores for goods. You can always visit the Hanseatic Museum to uncover the story of the Hanseatic League and everything about its role.

Stop by the restaurants in Bryggen to grab your much-craved traditional Norwegian foods. Those who love shopping do not have to go home empty-handed, as they can stop by the shops in Bryggen to buy clothes and souvenirs.

Rounding Up

Bergen has established itself as one of the most charming cities in Norway. Its rich culture, history, and stunning scenery make it a worthwhile cruise stop and visitor destination.

For any wanderer looking for the best destination to better experience and explore Norway, they can settle for Bergen. It sits amid seven mountains, offering beautiful city views and the nearby fjords. The city has enough to offer everyone, from foodies and history lovers to nature lovers.

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