April 10, 2016

The Box of April: The 14th Box is Out! (Product Discontinued)

The month of sun and colors has started early this year. Summer is here and we're excitingly  dancing on fresh and colorful notes. 

After spending a long day in the Bekaa, I had the chance to indulge in some fine mouneh prepared by ladies, housewives and hard working artisans who are trying to preserve tradition one product at a time.

With their hard work along with so many others around our Lebanon, we bring you The Box of April; rich with handpicked items discovered in more than nine villages around Lebanon. 

This morning, April 6, you are opening the long awaited Box. And because summer here we have kept that in mind and added healthy biscuits, sweets for your kid’s school bag, spices for teta and sugar-free jam for the sexy person inside of you and don't forget the maamoul! Healthy as can be. 


  • The Stuffed Maacroun are delicious. Handmade by Candice Accari who came straight from Latin America to live in Zgharta. Candice has developed her knowhow cooking local products the way she sees them.

Candice Accari, Zgharta, Tel:70-622090. LBP10,000 

  • Hazelnuts dipped in caramel and mixed with dark chocolate. Semsmiyyeh Abou Naji has taken this artisanal treat to the next level mixing it with dark chocolate chips. Try them for yourself and understand their magic. He also sent us homemade Turkish delights…even the Turks can't beat them. 

Naji Abou Karam. Abou Naji Establishment Tel:70-124093. LBP5,000 

  • Chocolate maamoul with a touch of love and lots of passion prepared by Randa Abi Char and her lovely family, they offer a certain richness while crumbling smoothly under your palate. Free from preservatives and processed materials.

Randa Abi Char Tel:70-622090, Keserwan. LBP24,000

  • The apple cutter, that necessary gadget you won’t buy for yourself imported from Italy just for you. Core and slice apples in one quick, comfortable step. This apple divider features oversized, off-set handles to give you great leverage and control. The stainless steel blades stay sharp over a lifetime of use. It’s also ideal for dividing pears.

Les Maitres du Desordre https://www.facebook.com/LesMaitresDuDesordre/ Tel:04-916796. LBP15,000

  • If you never thought that a bar could be handmade, think again. Dates and cashew paste with more and more flavors are available including pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds and coconut with orange blossom or rose water added for flavoring and everything is 100% natural. These bars are dehydrated in the oven for a couple of minutes before being wrapped, every looks clean and neat, in line with international standards. Coconut and lemon, almonds and blossom water, pistachio and rose water or hazelnut with chocolate and dried apricot. Wait until you try Soumaya’s Zaatar crackers; guilt free addictive pleasure!

Bread Basket Square https://www.breadbasketsquare.com/ Tel:76-405407. LBP16,000

  • Adon & Myrrh, the pitted premium olive oil. For a sensation of mildness with a fruity twist, Adon is your natural choice. This extra virgin olive oil pressed from pitted green olives is smooth on the palate. For a richer experience, Myrrh is ideal for those who love depth and intensity. Made from wholly pressed olives, it doesn’t compromise on the characteristic sharp taste or health benefits of green olives. The main difference between regular extra virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil made from pitted olives is the taste. Pitted is less acid, fruity and more delicate. It’s an olive oil that’s ideal for people who prefer smoother olive oil and yet don’t want to compromise on the fruitiness and benefits of green olives.

Adon&Myrrh http://www.adonandmyrrh.com/ Tel: 03-771558 LBP25,000

  • It was love at first bite… Almond Butter in a jar, simply raw almonds in a pot. We usually are aquatinted to peanut butter but the pot of sunshine has created an almond butter spread. An enjoyable texture of almonds with a sandy feel sticks in your palate enjoyably before melting smoothly around your tongue. I imagine it in a sandwich wth jam elevating its purity to another level.

Pot of Sunshine https://www.facebook.com/Pot-Of-Sunshine-1492617064399799 Tel: 70-711665. LBP20,000

  • Marrouche: Who doesn’t know Marrouche restaurants, the famous place in Beirut and the world. The original Marrouche which I met at Gulfood has recreated all the famous Lebanese recipes into bags anyone can cook. Shawarma, mloukhieh or foul, it’s your solution for a ready to eat Lebanese mix anywhere around the world.

Marrouche Restaurants http://marroucherestaurants.com/ Tel:01-360920. LBP4,000

  • It’s Equia, a local brand I like and believe in. Rice cakes, corn flakes, jams and much more, those products are in my kitchen all year. Try their healthy jam or those crunchy baked rice and corn cakes, you’ll love them! Rice cakes and the rice cakes with chocolate are amazing. I was honestly surprised that a product as good as this one could be Lebanese.

CaliFood http://www.califood.net/ Tel: 01-837437. LBP7,500

  • PapaBubble is a new place that's unique of its kind and now open in City Mall Dora. PappaBubble is the candy shop that prepares mini crunchy candies every kid craves for. Papabubble was born in Barcelona in 2004 out of a passion for reviving and building upon the ancient artisanal process of candy making. Since then, millions of people around the world have come to know and enjoy the unique experience. Sugar, water, glucose and flavor. They are boiled for an hour or so than emptied on a marble top where coloring is added. Citric acid is added over the white color to reduce its sugar concentration. It's fun and new. Pure sugar with no additives, handmade the old traditional way. Try those customized candies with the NGNO logo.

PapaBubble https://www.facebook.com/Papabubble-Lebanon-1403538433276685 Tel:71-004126. LBP12,000 

  • Buttery, crunchy and light, these cookies surely won’t make it back home. I met Tortina’ owners at Souk el Akel, visiting on a weekly basis for the sake of new discoveries. These cookies were so good and had to make it in our next box. Tortina is a homemade bakery born out of natural love and passion for baking.

Tortina Bakery https://www.facebook.com/tortinabakery1 Tel:03-931132. LBP6,000 

  • Trying it at home and loving it, I thought it’s worth having for the first time a fresh frozen product in The Box. Asmak is a pioneer in the region's aquaculture industry and a leading provider of fresh and frozen seafood in the Middle East. Asmak offers a large range of high quality frozen and breaded products including fish burgers, fish nuggets, fish fingers, calamari rings, popcorn shrimps, butterfly shrimps, cooking shrimps in different sizes, crab sticks, lobster tails, the delicious seafood cocktail,  salmon fillet and the famous White Fish Fillet. What a better way to get closer to these products than to try them yourself and taste the delicious and fresh flavors of these seafood products. Here are 4 of their products: Breaded fish fillet, Salmon fillet, White fish fillet and large shrimps. We invite you to discover Asmak!

Asmak http://www.asmak.biz/ is found at your local supermarket LBP60,000

Enjoy The Box of April. Read more on www.thebox.boutique and book your next Box now.

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