April 15, 2017 New York USA Americas

The Evelyn Hotel: A Perfect Location Near Madison Square Park
Non-smokers friendly

Phone Number: +1 (212) 545-8000

Address: 7 E 27th St, New York, NY 10016

Website: http://www.theevelyn.com

Price Range: 130-400 $

Nestled between Madison Square Park, the Empire State Building, and Midtown New York, The Evelyn is a historic boutique hotel in NoMad neighborhood of Manhattan. This hotel near Madison Square Park is perfectly situated for business and leisure travelers alike. Staying for a week in New York, the Internet suggested this little gem.


It's not a fancy hotel. There's no breakfast room and the staff don't greet you every morning. The lobby is dimmed and lacks life. But the location of The Evelyn makes up for a lot of things. All I remember is the location, an amazing location indeed right next to the Sex Museum.

I remember the grey lobby, and the very slow Internet and my small little room. But I was fine with it.

The Evelyn boasts an industrial look that needs more decor, more life and more style; it's so industrial that it looks like a construction site. Breakfast which is served in a box of pastries is offered every morning to whoever desires. Coffee and cold water are also available all day long.


Up in the room, my little tiny room is a working desk, a shower, television and a sofa all fitting into a tiny room with one king size bed. I would only recommend you stay away from room 406 or any other room like it which is close or facing the elevator. "Ding dong" all day long becomes an annoying experience.

As for the sleeping quality, I've surely had better. Bed is hard and pillows are too soft. The elevator noise and people waking through my room's door didn't help at all. Behind the window is a wall so no light comes in the room. A very unpleasant continuous air conditioning noise accompanied me during the stay.

Staying for four nights I adapted to the setting. There is no breakfast, staff doesn't talk or do the effort to welcome you every time you arrive or leave and the room is spacious enough for a couple days stay. A large bed, a small toilet with its shower, a working desk but unfortunately no view. One window opens to a wall, the building next door; you won't know when New York wakes up. A very slow internet is a signature. It's bizarre to experience slow internet in New York isn't it?

There is nothing to write home about... It wasn't the worst of experiences but also not the most memorable one. A good location at a good price, try The Evelyn.





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