September 01, 2016 Arizona USA Americas

The Historic Cameron Trading Post, Arizona
Non-smokers friendly

In the heart of Arizona, Fred leaving the Grand Canyon Reserve, on the route 66 comes a famous restaurant and shop where you can discover the old America of the natives era. An ancient city, Lora of tourists and a huge store in which you're obliged to pass before reaching the restaurant.


They call it fine dining native food, a leaflet with an interesting selection of appetizers, local legends, burgers, salads, sandwiches, perfect plates and Cameron favorites all translated in the native language.

The large dining space is decorated with carpets covering all the walls as well as traditional items from the last century or so. Cantina style, glass protecting the table covers, wooden chairs in a restaurant where waiters were polo shirts. I was asked to come here so I did...

Navajo tacos, they say, is the not-to-be-missed signature. A specialty platter sized portion of Navajo fry bread topped with ground beef, chili beans, cheese, tomato and mild green chile. Bluebird flour is used which is considered to be the best.


With that, I had the combination platter, one Pork tamale, a meaty beef taco and one cheese enchilada topped with chili sauce.

Delicious food, the kind of Mexican food they try to do around the world and it doesn't work. The giant taco is. For a taco, it's a bread plate topped with beans and cheese. Loved the idea, the fluffy bread and the topping that's really well done.

The other plate is also very good! Touristic food indeed but good. Real Meli-Melo of spices and sweetness and many textures combined. Corn and mashed Pork meat... Cheese, gravy, rice, and tacos... something different than anything else I had before. With that, we had a basket of crispy nachos, salty nachos with a meat sauce.


An exciting discovery, the food I never expected to try before. Happy to have done so.






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