December 29, 2013

The Largest Buche de Noel in Lebanon at Al Baba Sweets

Al Baba Sweets, a prominent name in the Lebanese sweets industry brings together 40 children from Ajialouna for the holidays to engage in entertaining activities, at their Jal El Dib branch. The distinguished family business provided the children with the opportunity to take part in decorating the biggest Buche de Noel ever baked in Lebanon. Al Baba Buche de Noel As part of their unique French pastry line, the 10-meter long Buche was produced at Al Baba’s factory, with different chefs adding their state-of-the-art touch to it. This initiative was put in place to make the holiday season an unforgettable memory for the Ajialouna children and transforming their experience into a visual brilliant one. Al Baba Buche de Noel2 This activity took place over the duration of two days, where promoters and activation specialists helped children in choosing their own edible decorative items to partake in the production of the biggest Buche ever produced in Lebanon. With Christmas carols and joyful songs playing in the background, kids were delighted to experience this record breaking activity and feel the warmth of the season. Al Baba Buche de Noel1 “We have always been advocates of supporting orphans and underprivileged children, this year we decided to put a smile on their faces by taking it to the next level. We decided to involve them in a record-breaking and unforgettable activation which people will remember,” commented Amani El Baba, from Al Baba Sweets. Biggest Buche in Lebanon2
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