April 11, 2013

The NOTA Coffee Mug

Designer ‘Lee Hae Seung Scott observed that the coffee and tea drinkers in Singapore - most cups came sans saucers. After stirring their coffee or tea, where to the spoon - and more so if you still need it to keep stirring you don't want the hassle of keeping it still with your hands. Here comes this cool invention...


The problem with this is that the beverage is served using condensed milk, which is heavy and settles at the bottom of the cup. As a result the coffee-drinker has to stir the drink several times, and this gets annoying since they have no sanitary place to put down their spoon, and have to place it inside their cup.


The NOTA Coffee Mug allows the user to keep the spoon within their cup, tucked into a niche. This ways the coffee drinker gets to enjoy their drink without the spoon annoying them. Simple and clever!

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