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  • 3 comments on “The Unique Grand Class VIP Cinema Experience in Lebanon

    1. Very annoying experience. Interruptions at all times, delays in orders and so much more.
      My popcorn came 45min after the movie started, my diet coke came an hour after… the personnel walked in a zillion times in the dark, almost fell each time (as it was dark) to deliver the orders then came back another zillion times for payment… looking for money in the dark is not fun, being interrupted in the middle of an important scene also is not fun…
      Payments should be made after the movie is over and not during… There is nothing VIP about continuous interruptions during a movie…
      A choice should be given in drinks. We paid extra for cokes and popcorn. I personally don’t go to the cinema to eat caviar and drink champagne…
      I could have paid cheaper for a regular ticket and bought popcorn and a coke which I could have enjoyed at the start of the movie and the best part no interruptions…
      I was so annoyed it was not even funny…
      So please reconsider your drink choices, add popcorn to the list of snacks offered, change paying methods as well as order deliveries…
      Ah and give the staff some torch lights to help them see…

    2. Maria-Nella on said:

      I agree with all that has been said except the fact that i find it unexceptable that we have to step out of the VIP area to reach for the WC.

      It is as if you get a business ticket and check in the business lounge but once in need of the restroom you have to step out of that privileged area you have paid for and walk a certain distance to reach for it.
      Come on!

      For me this is more important than those champagne, salmon and caviar…

    3. 30$ for the movie, champagne drink and two small bites. All the rest is additional.
      We ordered two popcorn, ad two cokes for an additional 20,000L.L

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