August 03, 2013

The World of Designers Hotels: Mobile Everland Hotel

Stay one night - that's all you're allowed - at the Everland -  a mobile hotel with only one room... After 159 nights in Yverdon, 320 nights in Leipzig and 557 nights in Paris, the tour of Hotel Everland has come to an end. There are no additional destinations planned. But it's worth telling you about this piece of art.


This hotel represents the subjective dream of a hotel and all details are important constituents of the idea: the architecture, the request to steal the gold-embroidered bath towels, the exclusive booking system (the room can be booked for one night only), the fully stocked mini-bar, the delivered breakfast and the record collection which is at one's disposal.


All Everland guests become part of the work. Hotel Everland was first developed for the exhibition Everland (cur. by Gianni Jetzer) in the context of the Swiss Expo.02.


It was installed in Yverdon on stakes in the lake for four months. After the exhibition finished, the mobile pavilion was brought to Burgdorf and set up on the factory roof of L/B's studio. From 2006 until 2007, the one room hotel was exhibited and run as a hotel on the roof-deck of the Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig, Germany.


Hotel Everland's last destination has been the Palais de Tokyo in Paris where it was placed high above the city, with a view of the Eiffel Tower. Making a reservation is difficult, and visitors are only allowed to stay for a night—for couples, it costs US$420 on a weekday, or US$560 during the weekend.

Who knows if they will launch again soon... I'm excited to see where they could be next...

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