July 02, 2022

Tips for Keeping Your Outdoor Party Bug-Free

Keep the insects away from your outdoor party. Taking these extra precautions to make the event bug-free ensures guests can enjoy themselves more.

Nobody likes bugs, especially since they have the potential to crawl all over your food and party favors when hosting an outdoor party. There are many essential tips for catering outdoor events, but with the following hacks, you can create a bug-free party as best as you can so that guests can enjoy themselves. While these unwanted guests will be inevitable, doing everything in your power to keep them away, especially from the food, will put guests and yourself at ease.

Citronella Candles

Spending longer than a few hours outdoors calls for citronella candles, a classic for keeping mosquitos and other bugs at bay. You can find these candles in the outdoor section of your local grocery store. Place them around the event space and light them before guests arrive so that the candles start working immediately and hold off the bugs.

Burn Sage

Another way to minimize the number of bugs is to smoke them out with a fire. Even more so, throw sage on top of the fire and other herbs, like lavender or mint, to keep bugs away. They won’t like the herbs, and while a few stragglers will stick around, the majority of the bugs will skip your party because of the obnoxious yet sweet smells.

Cover Food and Beverages

The best preventive tactics you can use when it comes to keeping your outdoor party and food bug-free is to keep the food and beverages covered at all times. While the other techniques you use can minimize the bugs, this ensures that none of them can find their way to the food. Encourage guests to cover their cups and put lids on all catering dishes.

Bug Spray

Lastly, have bug spray at your guest’s disposal when all else fails. Leave cans of the spray in buckets or around the event space so that guests can use the spray whenever they please. This provides the party-goers with an extra layer of protection.

The insects may like the party, but we don’t like having them there. Minimize the number of bugs that show up at the party with the above tips. Whenever you’re replenishing food or talking with guests, keep an eye out for them so that you can get rid of them as soon as they appear.

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