June 22, 2017

Tout Rond: A Fine Homemade Macaron
Sweet Tooth

Spending the day at the clinic I had a surprise visit. Mrs. Solange Achkouty, a passionate and positive lady prepares macarons from home for her brand 'Tout Rond'. Mrs. Achkouty has learned the fine art of the macaron in Paris and thus has developed her craft to be up to fine French standards. Inspired by the books of Pierre Herme and renowned pastry chefs, her boxes are not only beautiful and eye-catching but contain truly mouth watering content as well.

To call Tout Rond le Macaron Tel:03 804 050


Soft like a pain perdu, with a lightly crunchy outer and a heart that's so moist, it will make your mouth water the minute it touches your tongue. A light crunch, before giving way to a soft texture inside and a heart of rich fruit, vanilla or chocolate. If you think you've had good macarons in Lebanon before, think again. The mint is to die for! It leaves a rich aroma and taste of fresh mint in the mouth you will want to have another and a third: they are addictive. Try the chocolate, a creamy intense chocolate and the same smooth texture. The rose water explodes with flavour. Mrs. Solange imports the finest vanilla and food colorant directly from France to ensure quality.

Each Macaron piece is LBP3,000 and worth every penny. Try them out!

Tout rond le macaron is the story of a mother, a passionate cook, who unleashed her macaron making skills during a pastry workshop in Paris. She acquired the basics from renowned pastry schools including l'École de Cuisine Alain Ducasse and l'École Lenôtre Paris, and mastered the skills from her kitchen. Macaron making is an art, reflecting the passion and talent of the chef. It requires hours of crafting - a very delicate process where every detail affects the end result. Tout rond le macaron is made with the finest organic products, some of which are sourced from Paris, to ensure a healthy exquisite taste. Quality is our passion. We are an artisanal pastry; our macarons are home made. We currently serve 8 flavors, and continuously develop our offering and quality. Call or message to place your order, preferably 72 hrs in advance. We also cater for special events and ceremonies.

Suitable For: Sweet Tooth





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