November 09, 2022

Traveling With Kids ? 10 Tips for a Great Family Vacation

Traveling solo and with family are fundamentally very different. Where you need to be cautious about your own safety and comfort in a solo voyage, you must be very careful about your family and their mutual interest in a family vacation. While it’s possible that you all may hold similar interests, you may as well find them struggling to enjoy what you usually do. 

Being informed about their temperament and comfort is the first requirement for any family vacation. Furthermore, here are 10 tips to help you accomplish great vacation goals with your family. 

  1. Choose the Perfect Destination

Not every destination is great for families. You must choose vacation destinations that work for all of you. If you have kids that can’t walk long trails yet, it would be wise to not bring them on long treks. Furthermore, if your spouse doesn’t enjoy camping, don’t force them on you. Find something perfect for every member. 

This is the point upon which the rest of your family travel advice is built. Before making a decision, take into account the preferences of every family member, but more importantly, make sure that it is practicable for everyone (kids, parents, spouse, etc.).

For instance, while traveling to Europe in the dead of winter may be exciting to you, it might not be the ideal decision for your parents or children.

  1. Book Itineraries in Advance

There’s nothing more stressful than not finding the appropriate hotel and food places with your family while on vacation. Consider booking your itineraries in advance. 

When traveling with a family, it is natural to appreciate the value and ease of making reservations for lodging, transportation, and other activities. For instance, if you’re visiting California, you may want to book your journey through It is true that convenience is secondary to not being concerned about issues that can be resolved with a single click of a button. It's all about that connection and being there when on a family trip, and reservations let you do that.

  1. Carry Necessary Documents

Be it permits or verifications, carrying necessary documents is essential. Make a list of the documents that you may need during your vacation and keep them in your baggage’s safety. 

It should go without saying that you want to maintain your travel documents close to hand while traveling and avoid losing them in a new country. 

Keep a passport holder or a small bag nearby that has a sling so it is both accessible and secure. Adults are capable of taking care of their own luggage, but if you are traveling with children, it is preferable to keep theirs close by and take a little more precaution.

  1. Follow Protocols While Traveling

Not every destination has the same laws and regulations. If you’re visiting the place as a tourist, you need to carefully understand the local laws & customs and act according to them. 

Your safety and enjoyment of the trip depend on this as much as your travel documents do. It's crucial to understand the local culture, dos, and don'ts, and unique regulations before visiting a new area, especially if it's abroad, as failing to do so may result in unwarranted penalties, shame, or even jail time. 

Prior to traveling to a new country, familiarize yourself with the fundamental manners and customs there.

  1. Travel Light but Don’t Forget Kid Exclusive Things

It’s advised that you should travel light. But, when going on a vacation with kids, you need to be more careful as they can hurt themselves quite frequently. 

While packing little and simply taking what you need is sometimes thought of as sensible, one should never forget to plan ahead for medical emergencies, especially if any family members have a history of illness.

Even while a basic first aid kit is regarded as a travel must, it's crucial to bear in mind any members of your family who may have unique medical requirements.

  1. Bring Family Entertainment Solutions

If you’re visiting travel destinations with your family, consider taking care of their requirements before your own. Make sure that they have enough entertainment solutions for long journeys and boring hotel times. But don’t completely forget your own time. 

Have something to keep you occupied, whether it be a Gameboy, a tablet, or even a phone game. A book would be one of the greatest items to bring along, but if you also want to spend some time with your whole family, you can always play board games.

  1. Don’t Carry Cash

Carrying cash is already risky in several places. Especially in countries where you’re perceived as a foreigner and are expected to have cash. Consider carrying cash that’s absolutely necessary and try to pay for everything through cards. 

We are all aware that carrying cash is dangerous, especially when traveling to foreign countries, thus it is always preferable to use an international debit or credit card for purchases unless your trip location is replete with local businesses that only accept local currency.

  1. Let Your Family Members Carry Their ID

Identification documents are critical to have safe passage to their families if a child is lost in a foreign country. Letting your family members carry their ID is a sure shot way to ensure that if they ever get lost or get into trouble, the local authorities will have the necessary information to contact you. 

If you're traveling abroad, purchase a local SIM and write down your contact information, a contact number, and anything else you might need in case one of your group members gets lost or has an accident. This is excellent for first-time tourists as well as seniors and children.

  1. Choose Foods Wisely

Always have some light snacks on hand while you're around family and children. It is always preferable to hunt for an alternative or trust major multinational fast food outlets like McDonald's and 7-Eleven if one of your family members has a food sensitivity.

The Bottom Line

When deciding upon a family destination, consider the perfect place for your family to visit. Don’t force your family members into doing something that they may not enjoy. Moreover, book your hotels and vehicles beforehand. Additionally, let your family members bring their identifications and entertainment solutions.

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