May 02, 2017

Upscale Knefeh: Drizzle Some Fruit Coulis on Top...

Who said Knefeh can only be enjoyed with sugar syrup? Having breakfast at Le Gray in Beirut, I ordered two plates of Knefeh and asked for some fruit coulis on the side. I wanted to try raspberry on one and apricot on the other.

Melted cheese, a blanket of bread crumbs, a hint of sugar syrup previously added to the recipe...yum... the coulis was just waiting to be drizzled on top.

Coulis are usually enjoyed with waffles, pancakes or a special cake like Mille feuille... but when added to knefeh I enjoyed a whole different experience - there was a certain freshness the fruit provides, that natural taste... 


I loved it with apricot. I enjoyed the light sweetness it offers, in addition to the enjoyable fresh after-note in the mouth. Raspberry on the other hand is more acidic. It kicks in stronger and leaves its mark in your mouth.


I suggest you also try it with mango. This fruit is sweeter and thicker, which adds more flavor to the whole ensemble.

Be creative, give Knefeh a gourmet touch!


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