June 03, 2023

Video-Based Marketing Strategies for Coffee Shops

Video-based marketing is an invaluable resource for coffee shop owners. Great video content helps consumers understand the brand and highlight the hard work of baristas and roasters. Video content is particularly effective on social media, where users are far more likely to stop their scroll to watch latte art or informative videos about the roasting process. 

However, pushing out low-quality content will turn would-be consumers away. Audiences will associate shoddy shots with poor pours and will visit competitors who know how to brand themselves effectively instead.

This means it’s vital for coffee shops and cafes to produce high-quality content that accurately represents the essence of their brand, supports their overall digital marketing strategy, and entertains or educates their target audience.

Embrace the Advertising Revolution

Advertising has come a long way in the past decade. The widespread adoption of social media has amplified the importance of video content and pushed print marketers into the digital age. However, busy coffee shop owners may be hard-pressed to generate video content and engage with their followers while trying to run a profitable business at the same time. 

Busy business owners can look to artificial intelligence (AI) to improve efficiency and identify trends in consumer behavior. AI can be used in digital marketing to help coffee shops maximize the impact, reach, and relevance of their video advertisements. In addition to being used to generate written copy that accompanies video posts on social media, AI is capable of identifying customer segments and current trends. This data can be used in tandem with natural language processing tools to automate much of the content-generation process.

AI can help coffee shop owners research, shoot, and publish video-based marketing. However, consumers still value the human touch in advertising. Avoid the temptation to run campaigns using AI-generated content exclusively. Instead, use AI as a tool to improve workflows, and always be sure to humanize any AI-generated content.

Video marketing is still the backbone of digital marketing today. However, 5G is reinventing the brick-and-mortar experience across all industries. Tech-savvy coffee shop owners can get more from their video content by adopting automated reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology that use low latency 5G connections to bring more thirsty customers into their stores. 

Coffee shops that are equipped with a 5G network can improve customer satisfaction by embracing VR tech like smart glasses. This could allow users to quickly “see” into an express store wherever they are. Consumers can place orders using smart glasses and pick up their drinks while walking past the store on their way to work. This gives consumers a chance to experience the atmosphere of the shop without losing time waiting in line.

Create a Campaign

Short-form video content is extremely popular online. Video content draws people to businesses’ social pages and encourages followers to engage with the content. However, coffee shop owners must ensure that their digital content is just as rich and enjoyable as their specialty pours or cold brews.

Start by forming a cohesive marketing campaign. This will give video content a specific purpose within the larger marketing strategy, will guide content generation, and ensure all marketing materials are cohesive and support the same strategic goals.

Create content that adds real value to viewers’ lives and sparks engagement. Coffee shop owners don’t have to become digital marketing specialists, but they should know how to read and understand key metrics on TikTok insightsand Instagram for business pages. Using consumer data and analytics will further amplify the effectiveness of all digital marketing efforts.

Ideally, most branding and digital marketing will be outsourced to a video content professional who understands the intricacies and nuances specific to the beverage industry. However, tech-savvy baristas and coffee shop owners can work together to generate content ideas that boost sales and build a strong brand presence. 

Coffee-specific Content Ideas

Most coffee lovers want to learn about their favorite brews and special pours. This makes generating informative content easy, as coffee shop owners can choose to strategically lift the lid and show followers the “behind the scenes” content they crave. Some coffee-centric content ideas include:

The Roasting Process

Every blend of beans has its own unique roasting process that takes place long before a single drink is poured. While this may seem like an innocuous part of the process, true coffee aficionados love learning more about how their favorite beans are roasted to generate unique flavors. 

Most beans are roasted off-site. If this is the case, book a time to visit the roaster with a videographer. Shoot as much content as possible while on site and overlay the footage with informative commentary that describes why the beans are roasted and blended with a particular heat or technique.

Latte Art

Latte art is among the most popular content on Instagram. While a single shot of a crema heart isn’t likely to go viral, informative “how to” videos have a better chance of picking up a following.

Work with the best barista in the store to show audiences how to pour simple designs at home. Give followers a range of instructional content so they can try to replicate the store’s best pours using a range of milk and equipment.

Seasonal Drinks 

Seasonal or limited edition drinks can be a great way to increase profits and foot traffic in the store. Seasonal drinks, like pumpkin spice lattes, can increase revenue due to the ephemeral nature of the drink, helping to make up for reduced footfall during quieter seasons.

Shoot content that creates “hype” around an upcoming release. This will build intrigue around the product and have people queuing to try the new blend or brew. Start small to generate interest and only reveal the product when the audience is eager to purchase. 


Video content is a powerful tool in any coffee shop’s marketing strategy. Take full advantage of the ongoing trend by embracing the AI revolution and tracking consumer behavior. This can help reduce the amount of time spent generating ideas and will ensure that staff members can spend most of their time and effort on providing excellent service.

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