May 07, 2020

WASSOUNA: Natural Homemade Products Made in the Villages of Lebanon

Wassouna was created by a group of Lebanese people who are passionate about traditional food and Mouneh. Wassouna serves its Mouneholic customers in Lebanon and all over the world, with the best natural homemade food made by our villagers.


Wassouna’s story began when they visited many villages and met their inhabitants who generously invited them to taste their local food; a taste that meets traditions. However, Lebanese villagers struggle to go beyond their local markets and sell their products across the country. On the other hand, admirers of Mouneh may sometimes find it difficult to reach our villages in order to get these delicious products.

Therefore, here comes Wassouna to connect its customers to the Lebanese villages by selling the most original Mouneh products and assisting the villagers in increasing their income. This business currently supports 10 to 12 different families from the Bekaa Valley, Chouf, Metn, Aley, Rashaya and Sour. In addition, Wassouna is always looking for new families that produce specific Mouneh items in order to sell their products. Hence, Wassouna could contribute to the growth and prosper of rural businesses and boost Lebanon’s rural economy. 


For instance, with every product Wassouna delivers, you will receive an attached card from the makers themselves. They will share with you their name, story, favorite quote, and most importantly where the passion comes from. 

Wassouna's ever-growing list of products includes more than 50 items such as Honey, Tahini, Kamareddine, all kind of Debs and Jams, Makdous, Labneh, Zaatar, Awarma, Mazaher, and much more...


You could contact them via Instagram or Facebook, make your order, and they will make sure it’s delivered to your doorstep within a week all over Lebanon and soon abroad.

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